Top 5 Things to Do in Dubai – Beach, Luxury, and Adventure in the Desert City

5 best places to visit in Dubai

About 5 Best Places to Visit in Dubai

Dubai is known as the city of superlatives: The tallest building in the world, the deepest pool, and the largest mall – surrounded by fascinating desert landscapes, the city of Expo 2020 is worth a visit. Marvel at skyscrapers, go hiking, or taste food and drink from different countries. With no visa and only a short flight away, you can mark another location on your map.

Here are The Dubai’s Top 5 Attractions

The Burj Khalifa Tower, Dubai Mall, and Dubai Fountain

A viewing platform on the 148th floor, a light show, and a water spectacle as well as shopping at its finest.

The Burj Al Arab

5 best places to visit in Dubai

One of the most expensive hotels in the world, with 202 suites, and exclusive restaurants, right on the sea.

The Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis the Palm

An artificial island in the shape of a palm tree with beach clubs, restaurants, and the Atlantis Hotel with a water park.

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Old Dubai and the Gold & Spice Souk

5 best places to visit in Dubai

A glimpse of Dubai’s past, souvenirs and spices, and a traditional Abras boat ride.

Dubai Frame

5 best places to visit in Dubai

The gigantic picture frame connects Old Dubai with New Dubai.

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Experience Dubai

5 best places to visit in Dubai

Dubai is a popular travel destination all year round – This is one of the best places to visit in Dubai whether for vacation, honeymoon, or as a stopover. Dubai offers luxury hotels, exclusive restaurants such as the famous Nusret, attractions for children, all-inclusive packages, and sports activities for the whole family.

Either you book a rental car that you pick up directly at Dubai Airport or you take a taxi from the airport. Almost everything can be reached in about 30 minutes and the bus and metro have even cheaper prices.

You can find accommodation directly by the sea or in the city. You can also rent a suite for your honeymoon. In winter you can count on a pleasant 25 degrees and plan outdoor activities. In the summer, consider a trip to the Mall of the Emirates to watch people ski.

Adventures in the Sand

Adventures in the Sand

You can swim, dive, surf, and sunbathe on Dubai’s beaches. In La Mer, there are numerous restaurants and small shops that offer clothing and souvenirs. The beach at Kite Beach offers water sports, cafes, and food trucks and is easily accessible by taxi or Uber. There are also less crowded beaches for more tranquillity.

Dubai is surrounded by desert and you can book a tour online and blast through the dunes in an SUV or dune buggy. Most also include dinner, camel rides, and a belly dancing and fire show. Or you go on a desert hike.

The Best Home Activities in Dubai

5 best places to visit in Dubai

Although household activities may not be on your agenda, it is important to always keep them in your diary. Since the temperature is high in the summer months, you may find yourself preferring to lie in your bed under the air conditioning on and do any activity. Besides watching TV, you can get a special thrill by registering with the trusted and safe casinos recommended by website. In these casinos, you can enjoy slots, roulette, blackjack, poker, and many other exciting games as well. Moreover, you will get a lot of special bonuses from the first moment you join the casino.

The Best Travel Time To Dubai

5 best places to visit in Dubai

In summer, the heat in Dubai can be unbearable, so shopping and indoor activities are the best options. If you come in winter or on New Year’s Eve, the best weather is guaranteed and the Burj Khalifa fireworks are unique. You will get a visa upon arrival and the flight duration is around 6 hours. The airport is large and well-organized, so getting here is a breeze. The local currency is Dirham and it is easy to withdraw money from ATMs or pay by credit card.

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