The 19 Best Breakfast Restaurants in Dubai

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Breakfast Restaurants in Dubai

In this regard, we are here to help you find the best breakfast restaurants in Dubai, Here we mention the top breakfast restaurants in Dubai No doubt Dubai is a competitive and involved place where you have to move attentively with the need of the hour.

Life is now becoming a race and in this race, we all are running to get a better and comfortable lifestyle. The fact except this hectic routine is when you have to work so hard then breakfast should be the priority.

Breakfast is the most important part of our daily routine and the better and desired breakfast will turn the mood of yours towards prosperity. You feel easy and active after having a desired breakfast.

In this regard, we are here to help you find the best Breakfast In Dubai where you can go and enjoy breakfast according to your mood and need. Here we mention the top 19 breakfast restaurants in Dubai, so they are given below;

  • Circle cafe

best breakfast in dubai

Circle Cafe is one of the best cafes that are included in good remarks. This is the first pick of ours in this regard and due to its incredible qualities and demands, there is a long chain of circle cafes all over Dubai.

There are almost 1o branches more which are spread out all over Dubai. You can get a proper breakfast when you go there within the breakfast time limits. The impressive breakfast has many things such as;

  • Smoothly bowls
  • Avocado toast 
  • Delicious wraps
  • Eggs in various styles 
  • And many more like these

The egg Benedict there has received great attention and appreciation. Visit there and enjoy yourself. It is located on CNN building, Al Falak Street, Dubai media city.

  • Kaftan Turkish gourmet 

We can say this is one of the finest restaurants in the area and they will never fail to impress their visitors because they provided their visitors with great attention, care, and a fantastic breakfast.

They offer a lot of tasty breakfast and some of the following are;

  • Delicious eggs are cooked in various ways.
  • Baked delights 
  • Traditional Turkish breakfast dishes 
  • amazing Turkish tea
  • And many more 

The location of Kaftan Turkish gourmet is shop 19, le mar south, Jumeirah 1

  • Cafe Bateel

If you are looking for a place which offers you all-day breakfast. If you have a desire for Arabic, Italian, and many other specific traditional meals.  We can use the word that all the food is a force to water your mouth.

There are various types of omelettes and tea along with many side dishes. We can say they will give you a great experience of healthy and tasty breakfast. It is located at the lower ground level of Dubai Mall.

  • Arrows and sparrows cafe

best breakfast in dubai

This is an amazing breakfast place and it is near the greens community. We can say it is the golden place for the residents of the nearby area where they can have a wonderful, tasteful breakfast.

Big bakkie includes;

  • Tater tots
  • Roasted tomatoes 
  • Poached eggs 
  • Sourdough toasts 

The most liked and tastier thing is their special toast which includes 

  • Dulce de leche sauce 
  • Strawberry coulis
  • Passion fruit mousses
  • Fairy floss
  • Meringue 
  1. Urban bistro

If you are looking for the perfect place for breakfast near the Dubai marina then thus the most ideal place for this purpose. They are offering great deals on breakfast which is amazingly tasteful food.

They are offering a mega breakfast on Friday and Saturdays. If you are interested this will give you a great experience. It is located on the ground floor of the CNN building, media city, Dubai.

  • Raju omelette 

This is the place of choice for omelette lovers because they are offering a huge variety of omelettes. They are of various types and each one has fantastic taste. They have all types of omelette with different fillings.

It is located on the ground floor of the Seabrook building, b block, street 4 b karma.

  • The Hamptons cafe 

breakfast restaurants in dubai

The amazing fact about the cafe is we can say within this cafe we can enjoy the charm from Dubai to New York. They will never disappoint you to impress you with their food and manners.

They deserve double appreciation because they provide good quality food with beautiful and impressive presentation and decoration. This is located next to Bosphorus restaurant, Jumeirah road.

  • Denny’s 

This is one of the few restaurants which remains open for 24 and 7 hours where you can go any time according to your desire and mood. There breakfast offering ate jo doubt are great some are as follows;

  • Pancakes with salted caramel and banana cream
  • Cheesesteak omelettes 
  • Various types of eggs
  • Tea
  • Sandwiches and rolls
  • And many more delicious things like that
  • Pots, pans, and boards

This is located at the beach, Jumeirah beachside residence. This is one of the best places where you can go and do breakfast totally according to your desire and you will never regret it.

  • There is a wide range of restaurants where you can have breakfast according to your desire and choice. You can visit there and experience it by yourself. 19 of the best will be mentioned and the remaining are as follows;

  • Sultan Saray
  • Bombay times 
  • Public cafe
  • Tom and Serg
  • Allo Beirut
  • Arabian tea house 
  • Bisso’s bakery 
  • The sum of us
  • Cocoa room
  • Stomping ground 


Breakfast is the fundamental and most crucial part of life and the day as well. We all need a good breakfast to work appropriately and it is necessary for a good and healthy life. If you want to have your breakfast at amazing places then read above mentioned cafes and restaurants.

Breakfast restaurants in Dubai are incredibly amazing not only for the quality of food but they provide very good service and protocols for their visitors. Eat healthy food and have an affluent life.

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