Why You Should Hire a Specialized Carnival Cruise Ship Accident Lawyer for Your Case

Cruise Ship Accident Lawyer

For some passengers, a few days on one of the largest cruise lines in the world might be the experience of a lifetime. Unfortunately, this trip can become a nightmare for others if they get injured. According to the Miami Carnival Cruise Ship Accident Lawyers at Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A., if you are injured on a Carnival cruise, it is vital to contact a specialized attorney before trying to negotiate a claim.

Let Miami ship accident lawyers investigate your Carnival Cruise and gather the evidence that allows them to build a solid case on your behalf.

Injured on a Carnival Cruise Ship? Here is What You Should Know

While Carnival’s ships have homeports throughout the country, every Carnival cruise ticket contract includes a venue selection provision. That requires that any personal injury lawsuit be filed in Federal court in Miami, Florida.

Suppose you are from Texas and get injured on a Carnival cruise that left and returned to San Diego without ever travelling to Florida. You would still have to bring your injury lawsuit to Miami. Cruise ship accident attorneys with offices in Miami can help you pursue compensation.

The laws regarding maritime accidents are very complex, and cruise lines generally add complicated language to their tickets. Statute of limitations, the provisions of maritime law, and other elements that may financially impact your case are typically buried deep in the fine print.

It is crucial to understand that you must file a cruise accident lawsuit against a Carnival cruise within one year of your accident. Florida’s one-year statute of limitation may be even shorter, as the Carnival cruise lines often require those injured to provide written notice to the company within six months. Failing to do so may result in the accident claim’s dismissal.

Moreover, the cruise line has a complicated claims department, and if all your ticket requirements are not followed, they may dismiss your injury claim.

Because attorneys know all the substantive and procedural rules in Florida courts, even the ones that are unwritten, hiring a specialized Carnival Cruise ship accident attorney is essential.

What Laws Must Cruise Ships Follow?

As a cruise ship passenger, you will be subject to various standards and rules, all different than on land. That can leave you vulnerable to various situations that might arise aboard ships. Moreover, cruise ship accidents can result in severe injury and sometimes death. So finding a cruise ship lawyer to represent your interests if you are injured on a cruise ship is essential.

If you suffer injury due to an accident on a Carnival cruise ship, the Carnival company must also follow specific regulations and laws, including:

  • The International Convention on Maritime Liability requires all cruise ship companies to offer compensation for passenger injuries.
  • The Jones Act requires that injured seamen must be provided with medical care and financial compensation for lost wages.
  • The Cruise Passenger Injury Act, which sets a strict liability standard for particular types of accidents on Carnival cruise ships
  • The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) outlines safety regulations and protocols that must be followed on all vessels.

What Can a Carnival Cruise Ship Accident Attorney Do For You?

Carnival cruise ship accidents causing injuries or wrongful death could be highly complicated. With evidence to gather and constant pressure from Carnival’s legal teams, your only chance for justice is to seek legal help from a specialized Carnival cruise ship accident attorney to handle your case.

Due to the complexity of maritime law, it might take a lot of work to know where you need to start. You will need a specialized Carnival cruise ship lawyer to investigate your case and determine whether there is any wrongdoing. As a plaintiff, you have the burden of proof, so you must prove that you were injured during the Carnival cruise and that it was Carnival’s fault that you got hurt.

Carnival cruise ship attorneys will know how to handle your case, from filing claims to helping you submit the documents, negotiating with the cruise line’s lawyers, to seeking compensation from the company. In addition, they know what steps must be taken at every stage of your injury lawsuit and can guide you in moving forward with your case.

Lastly, a Carnival cruise ship lawyer knows how to calculate your accident-related costs (medical expenses, lost wages, pain, and suffering) to fight for your compensation.

The truth is that if you are injured due to a slip and fall accident, pool accident, collision, tender boat issues, or even assault, cruise ship accidents and injuries can be life-threatening. Severe injuries can leave you disabled, preventing you from doing basic tasks or the things you once enjoyed.

Because the Carnival cruise line might be crafty and maritime law extremely challenging, choosing a specialized Carnival cruise ship accident attorney for your case is crucial. It is also essential to remember that the Carnival cruise line often includes statutes of limitations on their tickets, affecting how you can file a claim against them. For example, they can shorten the time you can file your claim or specify that you can only do so in Florida.

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