5 Delicious and Famous Food You Have to Try in Dubai

Food And Drink Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is a heavenly place for food lovers. The hotels and restaurants of the UAE are offering different dishes from all over the world. UAE is a country where tourists and visitors come from around the globe and they want to try their traditional food of uae there.

Some of the popular cuisines of the UAE are based on meat, grain, and dairy with some kinds of vegetables. Meat, fish, and rice are some of the staple foods and lamb and muttons are the most favourite meats. However, goat, beef, and camel meat are also available to you. People of the UAE like to consume dates in their meals. Their famous beverages are coffee and tea which are served with saffron, mint, and cardamom to offer distinct flavour.
Some famous Dubai food is as follows. Also, for a convenient trip experience to roam around in Dubai, you should rent a car.

1- Shawarma

Food And Drink In Dubai

It is a non-vegetarian delicacy having sliced chicken, lamb, or mutton (whatever you want) and then rolled in a piece of soft flatbread. It also has some vegetables like onions, fresh salad and some sauces in it. You can find the best shawarma in Dubai from the street food stalls and its taste is unbeaten.

2- Al Harees

Al Harees

It is one of the most favourite meals in the UAE and it is a very common dish to be served on any special occasion. In this dish, meat and wheat are cooked for hours continuously until the meat dissolves into the wheat. This mixture is then added into a clay oven and then cooked for hours. Then it turns to a thick mixture and then served with their local ghee.

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3- Al Madrooba

Al Madrooba

The name of this dish is inspired by a large wooden spoon that is used for its preparation. Al Madrooba consists of salt-cured fish and flour. The fish is cooked in a pot along with spices and flour that create a sauce. Before serving it is topped with ghee. It is a famous Food And Drink during Ramadan and other festivals as it is a healthy, filling, and nutritious food.

4- Luqaimat


It is one of the most famous UAE deserts. It contains a piece of pancake which is fried and then rolled in sesame seeds. And then for the flavour, it is topped with date syrup. This dish is also popular during the holy month of Ramadan.

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5- Kafta

Kafta Kabab

This dish is considered to be referred to as Arabic hamburgers sometimes. Its preparation involves rolling the meat into a pitta bread which is accomplished by vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce along with yoghurt.

1- Arabic Coffee

Arabic Coffee
Arabic Coffee of the UAE is a great blessing to coffee lovers. It always leaves your mind and thought in a frenzy with its constant fragrance. It is often spiced with cumin, cardamom, and cloves and served with some fresh dates.

2- Karak

Food And Drink In Dubai

It is the national tea of the United Arab Emirates and can be found for just 1 AED at any roadside shop. It is usually served in paper or disposable cups with a little quantity. The best way to enjoy Karak is along with any doughnut or sweet cake.

3- Jellab and Qamardeen

Drink And Food In Dubai

Jellab is a classic Arabian cold drink with a blend of grape molasses and rose water. While Qamardeen is also a popular Arabian drink that is basically a thick apricot beverage.

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Some of the Most popular food And Drink in the UAE are mentioned in this blog. When you visit this beautiful country, you should try this famous food in Dubai. Their fragrance and taste will never disappoint you.

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