Dubai Safari Park Guide: Tickets, Timings, Attractions & More

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Dubai Safari Park

The Dubai Safari Park scales over a place of 119 hectares. This nature park houses over 2,500 kinds of animals, from bears to deer. Timings to starting hours, here is the entirety you need to recognize. It creates a stunning impression with its superb lakes and lush landscaping. It split into 5 villages, whole with their very own wonderful scenery and animal population. A fleet of automobiles which are green layers round the huge residence.

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Safari Park Dubai Location

safari park dubai

It is located at Al Warqa 5 – on Hatta Road, opposite Dragon Mart UAE. No one has ever recreated animals’ natural habitat within an urban setting in such a joined manner like the crew of Safari Park. Sad to say, the park is closed for summertime. A marching band with famous animals and birds lead a convoy to mark the closure of the park. The government will circulate the animals and birds. To shaded areas and cooler additions to defend the inhabitants from the sizzling summertime spell hotness. The dwelling of animals of different kinds and from across the world is not practical.

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Dubai safari park Tickets


v  AED 2 per person

v  Free for kids below 3 years

v  Dubai Safari Park entry fee – AED 50 for grownups and AED 20 for teenagers

v  And most of the time it depends on your choice of ticket.

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Safari Park is Alienated into 6 Diverse Towns:

Dubai Safari Village


It is the most essential and well-known village. Without watching Safari Village it’s miles vain. The beauty of a safari village is to take the person to the most near the animals from Africa and Asia. The bus is used to carry the traffic to the forest filled with animals. Safari Village offers the possibility of encountering tigers. In this phase, you’ll be able to see the waterfalls which might be going for walks on solar electricity. These are artificially created waterfalls. After this section, the crocodiles’ stay view is an aspect to watch. A Drive-thru crocodile platform is one of the most precious matters in safari village.

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Arabian Desert Safari

ded dubai

You are assured to be pleased with the generous collection of the plants and fauna on screen. Make positive to keep a watch out for the kittens right here. Home to several quality-acknowledged animals from across the Middle East, visitors will see Arabian Oryx, Camels, Arabian Wolves, and even Mountain Gazelles. The view of this village is remarkable.

Explorer village

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The Safari Journey on the Explorer Village is the primary charm of the park. People can discover the village in specially designed motors and spot many animals. It is very beautiful in which companions can travel to Asia Village and Africa Village on a relaxed bus. The primary appeal of Dubai Safari Park is the safari Journey on the Explorer Village.

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African village

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The phase has a stunning collection of white lions. Do not forget to observe African wild dogs and direct chimpanzees. Tour through the African Village and see a number of the world’s largest and maximum stunning animals which includes Lions, Elephants, and Giraffes. Home to the most extraordinary natural world from the continent.

Asian village

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From tigers to gibbons, the Asian Village is domestic to famous native species from the Asian continent. Invitees analyze amusing and thrilling matters. The animals from the park’s expert guards and publications. This is a tree primarily based section of Dubai Safari Park. Komodo dragons are everlasting residents of this village. The number of birds and reptiles is determined in this section of the Park.

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Wadi village

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It is a massive entertaining area. The region is growing via maintaining in mind the need of travellers after touring a prolonged safari. In this area, it is possible to sit and loosen up. The floor is luxurious green even as there may be ponds of fishes wherein you can watch fishes or waterfalls. Even the Wadi Village is a completely huge leisure locality. Wherein you can relax and revel in along with your family and friends after the journey of the safari. Al Wadi has numerous locals and canteens. If you’re feeling a bit frisky, the Wadi place carries eating places and eateries which you refuel.

Some other interactions

  •       Giraffe Feeding show
  •       Kids Farm
  •       Kids Interactive Activities
  •       Grand Aviary
  •       Bird show
  •       Amazing creature of the world show
  •       Raptor show

Dubai Safari Park Timings

dubai park

The Dubai Safari Park continues to be open from 9 AM to 9 PM beside the safari village of the park. The Safari village timing is from 9 AM to 7 PM. It took approximately 5 hours to take an entire look at the park.

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Other Information


There are more than 3,500 parking spaces for free in the park, along with transportation between the gate that is at its center.


Contact them at their toll-free phone number: 800900. The official website has an easy feedback form should you like to submit any feedback following a visit.



It is worth it. Dubai Safari Park Ticket Price will be AED 50 per adult, and the fee for kids is AED20. The Combo Dubai Safari ticket costs AED 85 for adults and AED 30 for children. Be sure to take advantage of these Dubai Safari Park offers if you’re planning to visit with families!


The most effective method to get to the Dubai Safari Park is by vehicle. But, for those who don’t own an automobile, the most convenient method to reach the Safari Park using public transport is to take the Metro. From there, you’ll need to get a taxi. The taxi journey from The Creek Metro Station to the Dubai Safari Zoo is about 16 minutes.


safari zoo dubai

One of the most common questions many guests to Safari Park Dubai want to know about is the fate of the first Dubai safari zoo in Jumeirah. This Dubai Zoo officially closed down in the year 2018 in 2018 and all the animals relocated to Dubai Safari Park. If you’ve been frequent visitors to the Zoo in Dubai and you’re a regular, you’ll appreciate this park.


It is reported that Dubai Safari Park has closed its gates for the summer season. It is scheduled to reopen in 2021, with the hopes of adding numerous new attractions.

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