Dubai To Abu Dhabi Bus Info, Timings & Cheap Fares (2021)

dubai to abu dhabi

Dubai to Abu Dhabi bus, the 2 maximum populated cities inside the UAE, are home to famous sights, hotels, buying malls, and eating places. People travel regularly between those two emirates and the ride is a popular favourite with most customers. One can also opt for taxis or personal motors to make this adventure, however, the bus from Dubai to Abu Dhabi or vice versa works out to be the most cost-effective choice for the ones relying on public transportation. If you commute among the cities regularly, a bus journey is probably a greater appropriate choice, even if you own your automobile.

Dubai is awesome but we can also omit the capital metropolis. Ride clean, stress-less, and comparatively cheap among these emirates with reliable alternatives. To begin solo visiting or move on a family experience, Dubai, in either case, has controlled to drag out its excellent sights for the visitors. Known for luxury shopping, delicious menus, a vibrant nightlife scene, hopping on and off is common. And because you are in Dubai, why no longer spend a weekend away in the capital town, Abu Dhabi. It is lovely, warm-receptive, and exciting. From the non-violent mosques to world-recorded rides, Abu Dhabi is a satisfaction to be at.

Dubai to Abu Dhabi bus

abu dhabi to dubai bus

There are two alternatives to get from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. with the aid of a bus or taxi. The period of the trip by bus from Dubai to Abu Dhabi is 2 hours 20 mins, the ticket price is from $8.6. If you are taking a taxi, you may get to the vacation spot in 1 hour 50 mins and ought to pay not less than $92 for one of these journeys. The space between the two is 170 km.

Buses in Dubai are very secure: all of them are geared up with air-conditioning and feature tender and cosy seats. Because of visitor’s jams, bus journeys frequently last longer than the travel time of two hours declared by way of the carrier. The Dubai to Abu Dhabi bus isn’t always to be had at night time, so in case of a nighttime arrival, you’ll have to book a switch from Dubai to Abu Dhabi or wait until morning. The bus tariff can be paid in dirhams, so don’t overlook going to an exchange agency before the trip.

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Bus Routes

There are 3 direct bus routes between Dubai and Abu Dhabi

BUS E100

This bus additionally starts from Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station and the remaining anticipated is Al Ghubaiba bus station. Those who need to go to Al Ghubaiba or nearby regions can choose for this bus. These buses have been used for decades now and the government is cautious in ensuring that those services run in an easy and greenway. For those visiting in the direction of the capital town, this is the Dubai to Abu Dhabi bus course that starts evolving from Old Dubai.

Bus stops

This bus will forecast at the following stations:

Central Bus Station

Shahama Village


Al Ghubaiba Bus Station


The fare is AED 25.

First, stop to the last stop

Your travel time from Abu Dhabi to Dubai might be an hour and 54 minutes.

Dubai to Abu Dhabi bus timings 2021

From Sunday to Thursday: 11:40 & Friday: 11:54 am 11:30 pm

Abu Dhabi to Dubai bus

abu dhabi to dubai bus timings

Residents of Central Abu Dhabi can choose bus E101. The bus tracks 6 days every week, i.e., from Friday to Sunday. The journey starts at the Central Bus Station, Abu Dhabi and the ultimate foresee is Ibn Battuta bus expect. Earlier, residents of Mussafah had to tour Central Abu Dhabi to make this journey. With the release of E102, the push in this direction Abu Dhabi to Dubai bus would possibly pass down a touch.

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Bus routes

This bus will rest at the subsequent stations:

Central Bus Station

Shahama Village


Ibn Battuta Metro Bus Stop


The bus fare is AED 25 from Abu Dhabi to Dubai.

Arriving time

Your time from Abu Dhabi to Dubai will be 1 hour and 26 minutes.

Abu Dhabi to Dubai bus timings

The primary bus of the day leaves at 05:00 am.

The remaining bus of the day is at 10:00 pm on weekdays & 11:15 pm on weekends.

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BUS E102

The E102 Bus is a recent addition to the listing of buses from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. It connects Ibn Battuta to Mussafah. For residents of the residential areas of Mussafah, this bus arises as a blessing. Earlier, they needed to tour Abu Dhabi’s principal bus station to find a bus to Dubai.

Bus stops

This Abu Dhabi to Dubai bus will prevent at the following stations:

Mussafah Shabiya Bus Station

Mussafah Park

Al Najah Private School

Al-Ain University of Science and Technology

International Airport Terminal 1 and 3

Ibn Battuta Metro Station


Abu Dhabi to Dubai bus price tag will fee you AED 25.

Arriving time

The entire journey will take an hour and 40 mins approximately.

Timings of the bus

The opening bus leaves at 06:20 am.

The last bus for the day was at 11:40 pm.

Comfortability of a bus 

abu dhabi to dubai bus available today

Many people assume that a bus trip would be uncomfortable, but that’s no longer the case. Each bus comes ready with capabilities like air-conditioning, facts screens, primacy seats for ladies and children, and facilities for people with special desires. Likewise, all bus stations have prayer rooms for males and females, dedicated areas for humans with special needs, air-conditioned ready areas, cafeterias, and transaction machines.

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RTA’s smart services have made the journey handy for clients. There shouldn’t be any hassle even in case you are not too apt at using generation. Some top travel apps in Dubai can make the method convenient.

In the past decade or so, the authorities have focused on improving public shipping in Abu Dhabi. Public delivery from Abu Dhabi to Dubai has never been better. The new Route 2020 Metro expansion for Expo 2020 is any other instance of this coverage. Similarly, many arrangements are underway in Abu Dhabi to enhance connectivity between the two emirates in advance of Expo 2020.

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