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Friday evening brunch dubai

Friday Brunch Dubai

Friday Brunch Dubai is evolving into a contest in which we all compete without minding about solace, relief, consensus, and happiness of our sanity and spirit. We all just crave names and fame in life but we should know our psyche and soul need consensus and calm.

No doubt name fame is crucial to move in society but our family and ourselves have the proper right to spend time and make mark-able memories. Good memories are always like loyal friends who never leave us alone in a hard and harsh time.

In Dubai life is so busy and active that you have to move all the time for the sake of work but Friday is a public holiday for all. We can say Friday is a golden time for all who want to spend their time with their family and loved ones.

Here we are going to tell you about the charm and golden opportunity to make tremendous memories and enjoy your time extensively that is Friday evening brunch Dubai. Evening time, your loved ones, favourite place, music, and meal, no doubt would be a great combo of exhilaration and gorgeous time.

Friday evening brunch at lah lah Dubai would be a tremendous time for you and if you don’t know about it then don’t worry we are here to give complete directions about the evening brunch.

Friday Evening Brunch Dubai

Friday brunch dubai

Every Friday there is a great and special deal on Friday brunch Dubai for the customers. All people are welcome there regardless of their age and gender and are provided with all the best facilities and charms of Lah-Lah Dubai.

You can hit the place with either your family and friends or maybe alone to give better time to yourself. You can amuse yourself with inclusive of non-alcoholic beverages, house beverages, and special sparkling packages but the choice is yours everything will be according to your desire and mood

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Price Packages

Price packages are great because their service and servings are awesome and they reasonably cost for it but keep in mind to confirm the offer &  deals and prices of the required items before placing or booking your order.

  • For drinks; AED 295
  • House beverages; AED 375
  • Sparkling package; AED 450


friday brunch dubai

  • Lah-Lah, Zabeel house the greens, the greens

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For Friday evening brunch timings are;

  • From 7 pm to 10 pm

For afternoon brunch timings are;

  • 2 pm to 5 pm

Dress Code

best brunch in dubai

The very good and exciting thing for the visitors is that there is no specific and special demand regarding the dress look. You can dress casually or according to your desire and mood.

comfort is before everything you can enjoy your time better in a comfortable dress. So you are free to dress up and in short, there is no specific dress code you have to follow.

Take a look at the Dubai dress code

Age consideration

Friday evening brunch dubai

Their main aim is to provide happiness and calm to everyone regardless of their age or gender. So there is no age consideration for you to visit, all of you can go and make your time markable.

There is also no consideration of gender either you are female, male, and transgender all are welcome there warmly and served well with all facilities and charms.

Outdoor Terrace 

Yes, this is one of the most exciting things when you are not fixed to sit indoors and within the hotel. They have arranged their seats in a very mind-blowing manner. They have arranged some seats on our door terrace and many other peaceful places.

There is a wide range of choices for you. You can choose the place of your choice and desire where you want to sit and enjoy the time.

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Background Music 

	friday evening brunch dubai

Hardly some of the people who don’t have an interest in music otherwise approximately all of us are fond of music and enjoy it a lot. They have arranged an awesome background music system for the visitors, so they can enjoy their time in a better way.

Just suppose the place of your choice with your favourite person, favourite meal, and peaceful music in the background, how beautiful and mind-blowing it will be? This will produce a great rhythm in heart and mind.

Apart from reading about the things you can go and enjoy it by yourself to make a great turn towards some glorious and exciting moments of life.

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Friday Evening brunch in Dubai is a sensational and enjoyable thing, if you want to spend your time with your family and friends apart from your busy life then this will be a great choice. Friday is a public holiday in Dubai for all so they arranged such an exciting Friday evening brunch at Lah-Lah.

On Friday evening you can make your time prosperous and give peace to your mind because nowadays life is so hectic and we all are busy in the race to accomplish name and fame to move in society but forget that your loved ones need our time too.

Never miss the chance to go there and make a tremendous time with your loved ones and collect beautiful memories. With any hesitation make a plan and hit the place on coming Friday. Stay happy and stay composure.

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