The Best Hotels With Private Pool In Dubai

hotels with private pool

Dubai has certainly set up a place in the whole world that, the premium holidays can be spent here. Here we consider the top 10 hotels with private pool in Dubai, which will help you a lot while choosing your ideal one.

All of us wish to make our vacations bold, luxurious, and classic. To fulfil your yearnings, we are here to escort how you can make your vacations more remarkable and glorious. No doubt accommodation at a luxurious and comfortable place is prior.

Think of yourself with a honey room, what would you enjoy if you found a swimming pool too? It will add more twists and allurement to your vacation. Here we will escort you to the deluxe rooms and suites with swimming pools, where you can stay and make your time extraordinary.

 They are as follows;

  • Bulgari Resort Dubai

  • hotels with private pool

Bulgari resort Dubai is proud of themselves that they provide the best conveniences and truthfulness to their guests. Each villa and room is beautifully designed with the best facilities and each has a private separate pool facility which is liked by their guests.

All the rooms are well decorated and well dwelled. There are a lot of facilities such as;  free Wi-Fi, free parking, air conditioning rooms, a private pool, and rooms with the best illustrations outside and dining facilities as well.

We can say, staying there becomes a source of great pleasure and joy for the visitor and they will never regret their decision to stay there. As delight must be the superiority, do what your heart drags too.

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  • One And Only The Palm 

  • hotels with private pool in Dubai

This is one of the most attractive places to stay because they are providing both 2 rooms and single bedroom suits with pool facilities. There are enough reasons to like this place, some of them are; this is located just near to the ocean which is a heart-catching thing.

Rooms are well furnished, neat & clean, air conditioning, free internet facilities and 24-hour service desk and may more like that. Views are so heart-catching, which give peace to the eyes and soul.

Loveliness continually fascinates the eyes so beauty is also a preferable thing while fancying your accommodation.

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  • Anantara The Palm

    private pool hotel abu dhabi

We can say the villas of Anantara the palm are the pieces of paradise on earth. If you stay there once, you will forget other places. These are so heart-catching and charming than other places become a blur in front of it.

No doubt it is well furnished, air conditioning, private luxurious pool, 24-hour service desk and well-facilitated place for the guests. All arrangements are according to the desire of the guests so that they can stay here with great happiness and joy.

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  • Melia Desert Palm


    hotels with private pool in Dubai

 It is located a short distance from the centre of Dubai. This is also a great choice for visitors. They offer one, two, and three-bedroom suites and all with their separate pools and rain showers.

It is a beautiful oasis located on 160 acres of polo estate. This is beautifully designed and constructed. You are provided here with great facilities such as free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and well-furnished rooms, and all the things are maintained gloriously.

We can say this is one of the best spots in Dubai, where you can stay with great comfort and joy.

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  • Five Jumeirah Village
    villa with private pool

A beautiful circular hotel consists of approximately 269 pools. All rooms are maintained, well furnished, air conditioning and many more incredible facilities.

We are sure you will have a great time there.

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  • Lapita Hotel At Dubai Parks And Resorts

    lapita hotel

This hotel is designed by taking in mind your family and friends. They are offering a private lavish pool with 2 to 4 bedrooms booking. This is a great deal for you and your family. You can stay there with great pride and comfort with your family and friends.

All the rooms are well maintained and well-furnished and you can enjoy the pool facilities and make endless memories.

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  • Jumeirah Malakiya Villas
    hotels with private pool in dubai

Jumeirah Malakiya Hotel This consists of 2 to 3 room villas hidden in Madinat Jumeirah waterways. We can say all the facilities provided there are at the pro level, this is an ultra-luxurious resort providing ultra-facilities such as a private pool, well-accomplished rooms, and 24-hour service facilities.

We can say this is an ultra pro accumulation for the guests, you will never regret staying there.

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  • Jumeirah Zabeel Saray
    beach villas

Jumeirah Zabeel Hotel is a Turkish inspired royal-style residence. The complete area is surrounded by lush gardens. They are offering 5 bedrooms with a facility of the hotels with a private pool in Dubai, well-furnished and maintained rooms.

They are providing many facilities to their guests so they can enjoy their residence with great comfort and joy.

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  • Al Shahab
    villa with private pool

This is based on a 3 room apartment with a balcony and private facilities. This is just a 5 mint walk from a sandy beach and offers a beautiful view of the marina.

It is so special due to its location and beat views. This is a great place to stay and there are enough reasons to like this place. You must stay there and enjoy it by yourself.

  • Jumeirah Beach Hotel
    hotels with private pool in dubai

Jumeirah Beach Hotel Are Consists of two-bedroom apartments with private pool facilities and the most adventurous thing they offer are who has access to the Wild Wadi waterpark and club lounge.

We can say it will be a great source of stimulation and delight for everyone who stays there. They will relish the place.


Dubai is full of enchanting attractions, but sometimes you have to make it more exciting by using your mind. Above we describe the best hotels in Dubai with private pool to staying in with the facilities of private beaches.

We are sure they help you a lot in your journey. Nowadays lives have become so busy, seldom do we need some solace and compelling moments to enjoy it. So outwardly any delay makes a plan and hits your desired spot.

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