Top 10 Things You Can’t-Miss in Legoland Water Park

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Legoland Water Park is one the most enjoyable and best places for the character building of the kids and makes them more courageous, smarter, active, and intelligent. This place is full of fun and adventurous activities for the kids.

Our peace of mind is necessary without any doubt but the character and mind building of our children is the most important thing. If we want our children to be more active, courageous, and intelligent then we have to do some interventions in this regard.

Dubai doesn’t have the least courteous, tremendous, fascinating, and heart-warming spots. Everyone has the appetite to go to Dubai and make their time amusing and spend an elegant type of leisure.

This is a land of 6 Themes and approximately 40 interactive and adventurous rides which makes your journey entertaining till the end and there are a lot of things to learn and explore which help your kid to grow and grow.

We will refer you to visit there but at the same time, we will tell you about the top 10 things to do there and never miss them and make your visit more productive and sensational. These are as given below;

  • Dragon coaster

lego land water park dubai

Enjoy the thrilling, adventurous, and exciting ride at the dragon coaster. It is themed according to the medieval kingdom’s roller coaster. Its height is approximately 6 meters and its reaching speed is about 60 km per hour.

This will give an amazing and mind-blowing journey to the king’s castle. These types of things are always adventurous and exciting as approximately all of us enjoy this a lot.

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  • Lego Burj Khalifa 

Stare at Lego’s Burj Khalifa. It is a mini-land and it treats all of the visitors. We can say this is one of the finest ideas un which is life-sized models of outstanding and iconic buildings. The models of the tallest buildings, roads, and airports are placed 

It is also one of the interesting things to find out and recognize the buildings. All of the buildings are made of Lego bricks and they are cute toy-sized. Go and hit the spot to enjoy all the glam there by yourself.

  • Create a city 

Without any doubt, it is ultimately a truth that a trip to Legoland water park is incomplete without these building projects because they are full of fun and excitement. This is an adventure and an amazing thing that you can create your mini-land.

Let your kids use their ideas and skills and let them create a mini-land city and its buildings. This will be a great source of happiness and joy. Never miss to amaze yourself with this amusement.

  • Ninja go show 

legoland water park

This is one of the most liked stage shows by everyone in Legoland water park. Among many other attractions, this stage show has its importance due to its incredibly exciting features. Never miss it go and enjoy it 

  • Rescue academy 

Approximately all kids have a desire to be a hero and do something adventurous as they watched in movies and cartoons and this is a place to fulfil the dreams of your kids and give them a chance to be a hero.

Let them do adventurous things like rescuing the burning buildings and helping someone who is in danger.

  • Lost treasure 

This activity is said to be the most enjoyable, thrilling, adventurous, and exciting because not only kids are inspired by the lost treasure and it is also a kind of this.

You have to find out the treasure using your skills and mind and it would be able to make your kids more competent and wiser 

  • Lego Land Water Park Dubai

lego land water park dubai

All of us love water parks and playing with water is approximately the desire of all. If you want to do something in Lego Land Water Park Dubai then there are special courageous activities such as; 

  • Customize your raft
  • Build a boat
  • Joker soaker
  • Speed down
  • I need something smooth and easy enjoyment then simple amuse yourself at the swimming pool
  • Futuristic adventure 

lego water park

This academy offers challenges for the older kids and here you can test your skills in the imagination zone. There are many more things to having fun and amuse themselves in a very exciting manner 

  • Lego brick 

During the factory tour, you can see how the Lego bricks are formed. At the end of the factory tour, they give a Lego brick that you can take with you. It will be a memory of your visit and kids will feel happy after getting it.

Legoland Dubai tickets & ANNUAL PASSES

There are many types of Legoland Dubai tickets Availabe Are Here. Here’s a breakdown:

Legoland Timings, Location AND Contact Details

opening Legoland timings Are 10:00 AM to close at 07:00 PM, except Fridays and Thursdays when it closes around 08:00 PM.

  • Address: Opposite Palm Jebel Ali – Sheikh Zayed Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Legoland Dubai Reviews

legoland waterpark

This is a fun place to bring your family together on weekends. It’s one of the most exciting theme parks in Dubai. This fun-filled city is definitely worth a visit.

This concludes MyBayut’s Legoland Dubai reviews. You can also read the Motiongate park reviews and IMG Worlds of Adventure if you’re interested in other Dubai amusement parks. These parks are great places to relax with your family and friends on weekends.

You might like to see more of these high-end places in Dubai. You might consider renting an apartment in Palm Jumeirah to explore the famous landmarks of the city.


The LEGOLAND Dubai is the place of choice for the kids because our kids need some adventurous, exciting, and thrilling moves to seek something. If you made a plan to hit the place then never miss the top 10 things.

Without any indecision, make a plan and make incredible memories. Stay delighted and prosperous.

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