The Ideal 4-Day Itinerary for an Adventure-Filled Vacation in Sharjah

Getting off from work is rewarding no matter how short the time is. After days of routine, a small pause is always worthwhile. While you are at that, you can make some special and beautiful memories with thrilling activities but planning such a vacation and making it count is never easy. The task gets even more complicated when the family is involved. Varied interests and preferences might clash and by the time you realize it, you would have run out of your holidays. Careful planning of vacation as per everyone’s satisfaction should be the deal breaker.
This beautiful city, with its rich culture, welcomes thousands of tourists throughout the year. Recent development in trade, commerce, tourism, and hospitality has paved the way for the city to shine forth as the best there is. Travel tickets can be obtained cheaper and there is no doubt that the Sharjah Hotels are equally welcoming. What are you waiting for when all you need is just four days to tour around this amazing city of imminent culture and be spellbound by all that it has to offer?

Listed below is a very accommodative 4- day itinerary for a memorable and magical stay in Sharjah.

Day 1: Al Noor Island, Al Noor Mosque, And Khorfakkan Beach

khorfakkan beach

Once you have landed and basked in the heartwarming hospitality of the city, get yourself comfortable and energized as the day is about to get more interesting. Start at the corniche road in Buhairah, Khalid Lagoon where the Al Noor Mosque is situated. This ottoman-inspired state-of-the-art architecture is a pristine and perfect tribute to Arabic culture. This place of worship with tombs and enticing minarets has inscriptions of the Quran on the inside and is open to the public. Don’t forget to take the pathway from the Mosque to reach Al Noor Island where nature meets its beautiful counterpart. This island has a butterfly house with exceptional species on display. Activities for kids and teens are also seen among the art installations. Breakfast at the café is an ideal way to begin your day. But if you are visiting in the evening, visit the island before sunset and then enjoy the light being reflected from the mosque under the evening sun. Close your day by taking a cool swim in Khorfakkan Beach located east of Sharjah. Other water activities like parasailing, kayaking, fishing, and diving are also at your leisure.

Day 2: Explore Various Sharjah Museums

sharjah museums in uae

After the previous day of unmissable thrill and fun, the ethnicity and rich culture of Sharjah is sure to have spiked interest in you. Kindle that interest and reserve day two for the museums in Sharjah.  The Heritage Museum of Sharjah is the hub of Arabian culture with beautiful and interpretative descriptions of the Emirati ethnicity. It is dedicated to the various stages of civilization of the citizens of Sharjah through the decades. The Archeological Museum is a treasure cove with the city’s rooted culture depicted in the forms of artifacts like jewelry, tools, pottery, remains of buildings, carvings and so on. Next on your list should be the Castle Museum where traditional tools and machinery of trade used in the olden days are displayed. These are some of the worthwhile museums that can be covered in a day through the beautiful city of Sharjah is the house of 16 amazing museums and cultural hubs.

Day 3: Qanat Al Qasba, The Central Market In Sharjah, And The Indian Ocean

qanat al qasba in sharjah

Central Market Sharjah UAE

wo-storied building is your one-stop shop to buy anything you need from souvenirs to gift items. Take a deep dive trip to the Indian Ocean to seal off your day. This trip can be arranged from Sharjah where you will get to explore the fishing settlements, grooves, and ruined architecture along the coastlines. Fun water-based activities like scuba diving are available for you to be swiped off your feet by the rich flora and fauna underwater among rare sea species and shipwrecks that have stood the test of time. This day couldn’t get any more adventurous than this. Do not worry the boating adventures are safe after sunset as well due to high-quality seablaze underwater lights.

Day 4: All-Day 4X4 Off-Road Adventure To Al Qasba And The Mleiha Archaeological Center

Desert Safari Dubai

Spend your last day in Sharjah on the exotic wheels of a 4×4 with an adrenaline-pumping ride to some off-road destinations. This is a sure adventure-based activity you should not miss. Get on the rugged paths to Mleiha Archaeological Center where you can sign up for the tour across the desert filled with erupted sand dunes and archaeological remains in that area that cannot be missed. Don’t forget to try the restaurants for lunch or dinner. Then take the off-road excursion to Al Qasba if you missed it earlier. Al Qasba is sure to entice you with its exotic range of activities along the canal. Shop at the galleries and gift shops, take a serene abra ride in the canal or dine in some of the best multi-cuisine restaurants in the Al Qasba neighborhood without fail.

Four magnificent, fun-filled, well-planned days are all you need to make your vacation to Sharjah a memorable one. Opt for the best Sharjah Hotels and avail themselves of their class apart offers without fail. You can juggle your favorites from this itinerary however you like but make sure to have a blast of a holiday, nevertheless.

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