Quranic Park Dubai: Location, Timings, Ticket Price & More

quran park dubai

About Quranic Park

Dubai has no scarcity of gorgeous and exhilarating spots and the Quranic Park is one of them. This is a recent park in Dubai, as it was emptied in 2019. This was made by seizing in mind the principles of our holy book.

No suspicion Dubai is an audacious and contemporary place but they give great significance to the Islamic civilization and commemorate their ecclesiastical occasions with great happiness and exhilaration. They have made exceptionally incredible places and buildings respecting their religion.

After visiting that place we comes to know that the idea of this park would be great because they arranged all the things in such a manner to convey information about our region Islam and our beloved holy book Quran, our Islamic culture, and heritage.

There are a lot of attractions and informative things about Islamic history and religion such as the cave of miracles and there is a plant collection which is discussed in the Quran. We will give you complete guidance about the park to make it easy for you to explore the place.

Attractions inside the park

Quranic park

This beautiful park is spread around an area of 60 hectares and spent about 200 million AED to make it eye-catching and elegant. When you enter a park you will notice the extraordinary and gorgeous design and some of their temptations, which we will discuss below. They are as follows;

  • The miracle cave

It was named Miracle Garden Dubai deliberately because this is a man-made cave, in which they mention the miracles which are discussed in the Holy Quran. This is one of the most attractive parts of the park. 

They arranged audio-video clips to guide them about the ways and they are in Arabic.

They are making a plan to introduce the English version of the clips so anyone can easily understand. This is such a heart-warming place and can give peace to eyes and soul.

  • Beautiful walkway of 12 Islamic gardens

quran park dubai

After enjoying and being amazed at the miracle cave, it is time to turn the moods of the visitors towards nature. We can say this is the best place to come with your family and admire an affluent time with your loved ones.

The garden is spread all around the park, the green lush vegetation and colorful flowers add more to its beauty and charm. The waterbeds, fountains, and walkways add much taste to the journey.

This is also a great idea that you must go there with your children and tell them about the history of Islam and guide them about the positivity of it.

  • Glasshouse 

We can take the idea by name that it must be made of glass. This is a bounty place and beautifully made of glass.

This is located on the backside of the park. We never forget to click pictures and record reels as wonderful remembrances. There are restrooms and a prayer room. If you feel hungry while wandering then you can find a small cart outside of the house.

Best time to visit 

dubai park images

The best time suggests, you should never choose the weekends to go because there is a lot of crowds there on weekends and you have to face many crises such as a long queue.

We infer you choose the weekdays if you want to evade any crises.


 Saturday – Thursday; 8 am to 10 pm

  Friday; 3 pm to 9 pm


It is located near the mushrik park in the Khaleej area. The other lead that helps you is the nearest metro station to the park Rashidiya Station. 

Quranic Park Tickets Price

– Quranic Park: free of charge
– The glass house: 5 dirhams only
– Cave of Miracles: 5 dirhams only

Payment can be made with Nol Card Also.

Tips must know before visit 

quranic park

  • Either entrance is free but you have to pay the entrance fee for visiting the Cave of miracle and Glasshouse. They cost 5 AED for the entrance.
  • There are many buggies of food to serve the visitors. You can’t get all the things but approximately fulfill your needs. Stalls include burger carts, lime water, coconut water, fresh juice, rolls, and many more like this.
  • Never make a plan on weekends because there is so much crowd there on weekends.
  • They make a minor mentor app to counsel their tourists about the park’s capabilities rules and restrictions, and ins and outs of the park.


No doubt Dubai is a spot of attraction and happiness and the essence is a little bit bold there but we can’t say they are completely contemporary. They give great importance to their civilization and faith. They celebrate all the ecclesiastical events with great fascination and elation, Also made some great places for the sake of religion and their lineage. Such as
sheikh zayed grand mosque, museum of Islamic Civilization, miracle garden, and many more.

Just as the Quranic Park Dubai is also made to give importance to Islam and give guidance and joy as well for the visitors. They governed it in such a way that will warm your spirit and essence.

Above we cite virtually all ins and outs of the park. Without any holdup go to the place and make it a remarkable vibe of your life.

Stay robust and delighted.

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