Reasons To Participate In Desert Buggy Adventures

dune buggy ride Dubai

Going to Dubai and missing out on the Desert Safari tour is something you will regret forever. So while you make sure to add this to your bucket list, don’t forget to include a desert buggy ride in that. From all other rides on a camel, quad bike, or 4 WD, dune buggy is one of the most amusing and exciting activities to engage in.

Combining the adrenaline dose with comfort and ease, you will truly fall in love with the buggy and surely return for more. It is a mixed activity that gives pleasure and thrill collectively with no age restriction and injury risks.

So stop thinking it over and make sure to include a dune buggy ride in your desert trip so that you can have an out-of-the-world experience and fun.

The top reasons that will make you sign up for this incredible adventure through the majestic desert of Dubai

  • Suitable for all

Dune buggies are very accessible, and anyone can ride them without difficulty. That makes them super comfortable and feasible for people with any disabilities or older ages who might not ride quad bikes or cannot hop on a camel or other rides in the desert. This is fun for all, and even if a person cannot drive or have any extra support to carry, they can tour the desert on a dune buggy.

  • No age restrictions

Unlike quad bikes, there is no minimum age restriction for dune buggy rides. From toddlers to old people, everyone can ride on the dune buggy. Guides and drivers can carry the kids or facilitate the senior citizens.

  • Best for group fun

What most people miss in quad bikes is that they are only single-person rides or maximum dual, but in dune buggies, around 4 to 5, people can easily ride. This makes it more fun as you can go at high speed and explore the desert with your friends and family always by your side. Self-driving options are also available, giving you complete control over your trip, and you can take your mates with you.

  • You get the raw experience of the desert

In a desert buggy, you can smell the real scent of the desert and feel its true vibe. A dune buggy will let you speed through the sand sea with a soothing breeze and scorching desert sun above you. This is impossible in an air-conditioned ride where you can’t witness and interact with real nature.

  • Encounter with wildlife

While roaming around in the massive desert land, you will get numerous encounters with the local wildlife and see them this close to you. In Dubai, you get to see falcons, other birds, goats, camels and much more without a barrier in between.

  • More flexibility

Desert buggy is compact and easy to drive through any terrain in the desert. It gives you more freedom to go on narrow routes and sharp cuts that are unlikely to explore on a 4 WD. Moreover, a dune buggy is easy to handle and park, which gives you more freedom to stop anywhere you like and appreciate the beauty of nature and mastery of the creator.

  • Scenic views

The views in the desert are spellbinding, and when you see them closely with naked eyes, their essence is entirely different. On a dune buggy, you get to witness the mesmerizing sunsets or breathtaking desert scenery more closely and deeply.

  • A refreshing trip to filter out all anxiety

A peaceful getaway from the fast-running city life in the desert will absorb all the negative energy and thoughts in your mind. Moving around in the gigantic desert will make you forget all your worries and refresh your soul to face the problems with a clear and efficient mind.

  • Cultural insights

Hitting the sloppy tracks in the desert will take you to native towns and villages where you can meet with local people and learn about the land’s culture, food, and history. Here you can get some souvenirs, enjoy Arabic coffee, and get entertained by local artists and performances.

  • Fun for thrill lovers

A dune buggy is not just a fun ride but includes thrill and speed like quad bikes. So for the people who are searching for some adrenaline rush, this one’s for you. With Dune bashing in a buggy or racing through the tricky routes with a dune buggy, you can surely add some extra adventure to your desert trip.

  • Safe and comfortable

Although a dune buggy gives you speed and control like quad bikes, it is far more safer. The structure is stable and lightweight if the buggy, which prevents it from turning over at high speeds. Also, the seats are spacious and cushioned, saving your back from the jumps and shocks of the bumpy ride.

  • Great photography

Contrary to the limited view and photography option in 4WD, you get ample chances on a dune buggy to capture the stunning views in the desert. You can stop to take pictures with wild animals and local people or dress up as bedouin and get clicked by professional photographers available on the trip.

  • Build team skills 

On a dune buggy, when you ride with 3 other people, you must listen to all your co-riders and devise a plan or route that all agree to. Here you can polish some team working skills and to alter the plan according to everyone.

  • Easy to learn and drive

Dune buggies are best for amateur drivers as they are super easy to drive and understand. This will take very less time to guide them and explain the controls. Anyone can easily opt to drive the buggy themself without an issue. 

Desert buggy adventure in Dubai is worth every penny and every minute!

There is no hesitation in saying that the desert buggy tour is worth the investment, and you will surely love it to bits. From giving you a full feel of the desert and enthralling vibes, this helps you to enjoy the adventure with your kids and family. You can stroll at your own pace and stop wherever you like to enjoy the view. This freedom and group activity is not possible on other desert rides, thus making it one of the hot favorites among tourists.

So don’t miss this memorable activity and book your desert buggy tours now

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