7 Best Road Trips From Dubai To Some Of The Best Places In The UAE 2021

Road Trips From Dubai

 You can freely plan weekend road trips from Dubai with your family and friends and go for a refreshing and stunning vacation. No matter how many times you have explored the beauty of the United Arab Emirates, there is always something new and amazing for you. The UAE has a lot of amazing places for you including several sparkling beaches, the highest mountains, and vast deserts.

In this blog, we are going to share some travel experiences of the common and favourite hit places of the UAE that are considered best for road trips from Dubai.

Here are Are 7 ways to make your Road Trips From Dubai top notch

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1- Jebel Jais 

beautiful view Jebel Jais

Jebel Jais is a fantastic mountain retreat that is 900 meters above sea level and located in the Hajar Mountains. The Jebel Jais is located about 180 km away from Dubai and more than 130 km away from Abu Dhabi city. A long and smooth road goes towards it that makes it more enjoyable and easy to drive. One of the best times to visit this mountain is in the evening so that you can witness the most stunning and incredible sunsets of the UAE from the top of the mountains. It can be the best place for a weekend road trip if you are a mountain lover and love to hike the mountains. 

2- Fujairah
Fujairah City

Fujairah has not only wonderful and smooth roads to drive but you can also find a stunning destination at the end. This place is just 184 km away from the city of gold and 300 km away from Abu Dhabi. Therefore, it may seem like a long enough road trip but you can easily complete it on a weekend. Fujairah is located on the coastline border of the Gulf Oman and has scenic views and spectacular sightings of herds and wild camels. Some of the most popular attractions to visit in Fujairah are Al Hayl Castle, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, and Fujairah Fort
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 3- Al Ain 

Al Ain road Tour

Al-Ain is one of the most famous visitors’ choices whenever it comes to choosing a place for scenic road trips in the country. It is a well-known oasis in the middle of the dunes. Al-Ain is also known as the City of Garden because of its lush greenery, natural oasis, and beautiful springs. The popular attractions of Al Ain may include telal resort al ain and the Hilton Al Ain. 

4- Liwa Oasis 

beautiful drown shot of Liwa Oasi

The vast and never-ending dunes on the road to Liwa Oasis will certainly fascinate you. It is a desert settlement that is also known as the “Empty Quarter” that is located about 100 miles away from Dubai and 220 km away from the capital city. Liwa Oasis is a place made for cultures, vultures, history buffs, and adventurous souls that love to explore the heritage and historic sites, forts, and 300 m high dune known as Tal Mireb. The famous desert gateways in the region are Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort and Liwa Guesthouse. Moreover, some other attractions are Liwa Forts, Sheikh Hamad Auto Museum, and Mezairaa Town. 

5- Hatta 

road trip to Hatta

Hatta is located on a short drive from the central city of Dubai as it is located on the Oman border. A road trip to Hatta for celebrating a long weekend trip can be the best decision particularly when you are with the family. Amazing sites include beautiful natural pools, picnic spots, kayaking trips, striking mountains, and gorgeous hotels and resorts. While resting at the foothills of the Hajar Mountains, you can also witness a wonderful little town that is famous for the Hatta Dam. At Hatta Dam, you can enjoy paddle boarding, kayak, or swimming in the turquoise water. 

6- Jebel Hafeet 

A men looking and enjoying Jebel Hafeet view

Route to Jebel Hafeet can be an amazing treat for a true driver. It has a lot of twists and turns that you can enjoy while driving. This road is full of sharp and winding turns and corners along with science views. It is around 165 km away from Dubai and 175 km away from the capital city of the UAE. Jebel Hafeet may take you up a 1,240 m climb by limestone cliffs to the highest mountains of the United Arab Emirates. One of the most amazing things to do there is whitewater rafting on the artificial rapids at Wadi Adventure. 

7- Umm Al Quwain 

kite beach Umm Al Quwain

Umm Al Quwain is one of the smallest emirates of the United Arab Emirates. But this place is God-gifted as it has incredible landscapes and various nature reserves. There are also a lot of beautiful islands located near the Umm Al Quwain coast that are covered with amazing forests. This emirate is also home to different historical sites like Umm Al Quwain National Museum and Fort and Falaj Al Mualla Fort. It also has one of the largest water parks of the UAE named Dreamland Aqua Park.

Final thoughts

We hope that you like our post on the best romantic destinations in Dubai for a date or honeymoon. You can take your better half to any of these places and enjoy the best moments of your life.
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