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About Shanghai Me

Shanghai Me, the DIFC’s most delinquent culinary pioneer, admired by royalty and celebrities, began its new venture. This delightful restaurant will delight the taste buds of guests who enjoy exquisite food in a luxurious setting.

This restaurant is designed to highlight the glamour and depth of Shanghai’s history. They conceptualized transportation for every visitor to experience life under the dynasties.

Chinese restaurant Shanghai Me opened at DIFC in 2019.

The is Located in the Exchange building in the DIFC.

The new restaurant has a cocktail lounge, a bamboo terrace, and a private dining area. For the party to continue, there is also a DJ at the end of the evening.

This seems to be the case when we visit on a Sunday evening to see the restaurant nearing capacity, and it is immediately clear that Shanghai Me has impressed diners in Dubai. It’s not difficult to see why. 

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Designed to charm visitors to Shanghai in the 1930s, the Art Deco-inspired restaurant is the ideal place to impress guests and colleagues. Designed by the famous architect Michele Bonan, the restaurant is a testament to the magnificence and depth of Shanghai’s history.

Since 1930, Shanghai has been offering sophisticated and contemporary Asian cuisine. David Tapley visits Shanghai Me to find out exactly what the East Asian hotspot at DIFC has to offer.

Red velvet chairs add a touch of sophistication to a room filled with large mirrors, pop art pieces, and flowering urns. Regardless of the refinement of the dining room, it is the living room and terrace that catch our attention. Full of palm trees, banana trees, and bamboo, the living environment is reminiscent of a green jungle while preserving the luxurious touches and Asian details of the restaurant area.

The Shanghai Me menu features a contemporary approach to Asian cuisine and is steeped in tradition. They have included every dish for a specific reason, and the emphasis is on the accuracy and practice of culinary traditions that have taken centuries to perfect. We speak of classic dishes handed down through generations, then gave a unique Shanghai Me twist to improve them for the sophisticated landscape of Dubai in 2022.

And when it comes to food, we can expect a blend of East Asian flavors from Shanghai Me.

This season, Shanghai Me seems to be the ideal location. Shanghai Me has an outdoor terrace which is perfect for the evening when you would like to have an outdoor dinner. It also has a bar of 30 m in length. 


For refined meals or refreshments after work, Shanghai Me is the best place to visit. This winter will get even better, thanks to the influx of new restaurants and bars in the area.

Shanghai Me caters to all tastes and appetites, offering a three-course business lunch and a Dim Sum dining experience during the day.

The AED 120 Shanghai Me business lunch is excellent if you want value for money. It provides a choice of soup, starter, and main course. 

Aromatic Chicken Pots, Wok Szechuan Beef with Seasonal Vegetables, and Shanghai Me’s Baked Silver Cod with Pickled Ginger are just some mouthwatering dishes waiting for you.

The contemporary Cantonese cuisine restaurant, Shanghai Me, offers an experience that is perfect for those in the mood for light snacks in a variety of flavors. They have various options you can choose from one piece (14 AED), three-piece (AED 42), or five-piece (AED 70).

The delectable selection of meatballs includes signature Dim Sum such as Seafood Steamed Shrimp Meatballs with Truffle and Vegetarian options such as Fried Wild Mushroom Meatballs and Vegetarian Spring Roll are very popular in Shanghai Me.


Even though the restaurant is mainly about Chinese food, as you can guess from its name; Shanghai Me. They do not limit the menu to Chinese cuisine; they offer a lot of East Asia food as well. Customers are happy with the variety of Sushi the restaurant has; covering all its bases, there are options like soft shell crab, spicy tuna tartar, etc., but the most loved option on their menu is the Shrimp Tempura Roll that sells for AED 65, and it is a must-try. The portion size is perfect, the shrimp is crispy and wrapped in rice, and they top it with avocados and light up your taste buds for good.



Don’t fill up yourself before the desserts because Shanghai Me has the yummiest desserts that showcase East Asia flavors with a variety of fresh ingredients. First, let’s talk about the popular Milk Cake that comes with Black Sesame Ice cream at the price of AED 60, it has a large serving size and the cake is light yet fluffy and is topped with candied nuts. The Milk cake comes with mango, passion fruit, and banana compote, which makes it a completely delightful experience that will most definitely linger on your taste buds for a long time. 

They also serve pendant Brioche Cake at Shanghai Me for AED 60 as well. This dessert has various textures and a unique flavor. To add more to the meal, its color is green, which is not a very common dessert color. Shanghai Me also serves Fortune Cookies for AED 55. The cookies have a hazelnut coating and the filling is chocolate and matcha mousse. This cookie might give you insight into your future and a healthy dose of good fortune.

They also have a Selection Sorbet which is priced at AED 40, Chocolate Fondant for AED 50, or Seasonal Fruit Plate which is served with vanilla ice cream for AED 45.

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Shanghai Me exact location?

The exact address is DIFC, Gate Village Building 11 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Where can I find the Shanghai Me complete menu?

If you are in search of the complete menu, here is the official website that you should check out >>

Can we make reservations at Shanghai Me?

You can easily get your table reserved at Shanghai Me through the seven rooms website.

Does Shanghai Me deliver food?

Yes, it offers home delivery via

Shanghai me Dubai best food?

Try out their signature dishes for an amazing experience.


This article sums up all your Shanghai Me-related thoughts and queries, hope you have a good visit and enjoy your food, give your valuable feedback below.

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