6 Simple Ways to be Happy and Carefree

What sets happy people apart from unhappy ones? The answer is habits! Happy people tend to establish positive habits in their routines. So, if you want to live a happy and carefree life, you can make changes by developing better habits.

How to Live a Happy and Carefree Life

You will notice a boost in your mood while exercising or socializing with friends and family. There are numerous great habits you can explore. For instance, practicing a hobby, sleeping better, having a routine, meditating or exercising, being grateful and other such habits can elevate your happiness. A few weeks ago, I helped one of my good friends using Spectrum internet. She too wanted to live a better and happier life, so I recommended her to try building the following positive habits:

#1. Practice Gratefulness

Practicing gratefulness is a very simple yet highly effective habit. A recent study has found that being grateful can have a lasting impact on your happiness. You can be grateful for simpler things such as food, a home, a family, and so on. This habit can be practiced anywhere, while brushing your teeth, during breakfast, or while waiting in a queue, etc.

This is the easiest habit to develop because you can be grateful for little things throughout the day. Looking for positive things in your day can feel like a breath of fresh air. Such as waving at someone, holding the elevator door, or when a friend brings you a cup of coffee, can be the joyful moments to look for.

#2. Build a Routine

Creating a routine can give your life a certain flow. It also helps you align your long term and short-term life goals. Practicing a routine can be achieved by making a schedule for tasks that you perform on a daily or even weekly basis such as sleeping, eating, surfing the internet, and socializing with friends, etc. If something doesn’t fit well, you can always move things around but, try sticking to a schedule. Having a routine gives you a greater sense of achievement since you accomplish more tasks by allocating a certain time for each activity.

#3. Following a Hobby

Everybody has a hobby or two. Some people make time to incorporate hobbies into their daily or weekly routine while others do not. Hobbies are usually driven by passion and practicing such things can bring a burst of joy in an otherwise dull or mundane life. Things like painting, playing an instrument, gardening, practicing a sport, taking pictures, and exploring new places, etc. are excellent ways to brighten up your life.

#4. Socializing

It is human nature to crave the company of good people who make us feel valued. Spending quality time with family and friends allows you to get in touch with your carefree self. So, make sure to socialize with people who are close to you and celebrate little joys in life. Plan a small vacation or a picnic with your family or close friends. Being close to nature also helps you relax.

#6. Exercise or Meditate

Taking great care of your body and mind is the key to living a happy and carefree life. Exercise or meditate on a daily basis. Even doing it for 15 minutes a day can help you declutter your mind and give you mental peace. Physical activity such as exercise or meditation not only helps our body stay fit but also helps the mind in channeling frustration or depression in a positive way.

A Healthier Mind, Body, and Soul

By carrying out small tasks and making efforts, anyone can improve their quality of life. Having a healthier mind can be achieved by smiling more, being generous, accepting change, and taking rhythmic deep breaths. It works!

Just the other day, I was highly frustrated because some network issue was hindering my work. So, I called the support number for the Charter Spectrum repair. Without realizing, I let out my frustration on the poor guy who was trying to help. After exchanging a few words, I realized that it wasn’t his fault and took a few breaths. It immediately improved my mood and I apologized for being unfair.

Another thing that most of us keep worrying about! Living a happier and carefree life is not guaranteed even if you are wealthy. I’ve found that even the smallest things in life can bring you joy.

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