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What Is Visa Run Dubai

Visa Run Dubai is the most popular way of visa renewing. Millions of people travel to Dubai every year for any reason. The visiting visas are mostly valid for 30-90 days. If your determination of visiting Dubai is not done, you just need to get a Dubai Visa Change before it terminates. You have to return to your country to renew the visa. With Visa Run Dubai and other visa-changing alternatives, you can get your UAE visa renewed without going back to your country. If you are planning to prolong your stay in Dubai, here is everything you need to know about the process. This accessible director is for folks visiting Dubai on a 30-day visa– also as a tourist to the country or while coming for their citizenship visa, who want to renew their visa for an additional 30 days.


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When you enter Dubai as a traveller, many races are allowed a free entry visa on arriving. It continues for 30 days, there is presently a 10 day grace period. You can spend 40 days in Dubai without sustaining an extended fine.  If you stay in Dubai for an extended period and if you are an authorized visa holder, you can renew your visa by departing the country and getting a new 30 days visa on arrival allotted at the border. This can be done by air or by road as well. There are several steps to make sure you are doing it accurately and will maximize the advantage of your renewed visa.

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Visa Run Dubai is the most popular way of visa renewing. For this process, you have to visit a neighbouring country, commonly Bahrain or Oman.  The Hatta Border overpass that leads to Oman is assuredly the utmost used path for Visa Run Dubai.


At least you have a 30 days visa on arrival. You have 30 days and 10 more grace days. Sometimes it is calculated as 9-day grace, the day you land ’til the night is classified as day 1. It is better not to risk and do it on the 9 days at the very least. Overstaying plus admin fee is around 350 AED.

Visit Visa Renewal UAE

Tourists can apply for the 2nd visit visa renewal UAE before the expiry of the 1st one by paying at least 650 AED to the Department of Naturalization and Residency. This can only happen a maximum of two times before you need to physically leave the country. It is much more costly than doing a border run. 

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visit visa renewal uae

There are no limits; you can do a border run from Dubai many times. Just make sure you are doing it correctly with all steps.

How To Do A Dubai Visit Visa Run?

You can do a Dubai Visit Visa run by using a hired or a borrowed car, by bus and also by plane.


If you have your car or hire any car and you have no issues driving a car for more than 3 to 4 hours then this will be the best and also the cheapest option. So you only have to pay for the visa cost and the petrol. You have 2 key routes. The 1st is the Hatta route and the 2nd one is the Ras Al Khaimah route.

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From Dubai to the hatta border the drive is hardly 1 hour and 3o minutes. And at least 20 more minutes drive from the passport control office.

From Dubai to Ras Al Khaimah route the drive is hardly 2 hours. And a plus point is the passport offices are close and do not require a drive.


If you don’t want to drive a car then the bus is the best affordable option. It is usually slow and the bus contains more people. It will probably take 5 hours in this process.

Go Tours Dubai: A trip to the border in a small van will take roughly 5 hours. The morning price is 150 AED, and for afternoons it is 120 AED. They also organize private vehicles for at least 4 fares for AED 550.

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Arabians: They offer a service departing Fridays at 7:00 am Marina Business Bay and 8.30 am Saturday to Thursday. AED 150 for bus and 550 AED for private service.


You may be asked for car insurance, and this costs you some extra money if you do not have it. When you arrive you have to pay the exit fee too. You can pay with cash and card also. The Hatta crossing charges a small fee for the card and you have to hold the card.

Also, check if your passport has been stamped! And also keep the receipt in case of an issue.

When you arrive in Oman and drive 10km till you reach a dome-shaped building to get your new visa. You would be marked for Oman entry and exit. UAE visa agencies offer this facility for stamping at a very sensible price. Once you reach the Oman border, you again need to visit the UAE migration booth to get your new visa and entry stamp. This new prolonged visa would be for 30 or 90 days.


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Another choice for UAE or Dubai visa renewal is by plane. This is perhaps the coolest way of getting your renewed visa. In this process, you have to fly to a neighbouring country to get your visa renewed. You can travel to Oman, Bahrain or Kuwait. You have to spend 24-48 hours at the other airport for your visa renewal, in some circumstances, you can also travel back to Dubai on the same flight.

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After you get the entry pass, you need to get the UAE Exit seal on your passport. It is particularly vital to send this to your visa service provider.

In a situation where you are travelling from Dubai Airport to Oman, you need to wait at the waiting unit in the airport in Oman till you are informed that your UAE visa is accepted. This would take at least 24-48 hours. When this process is complete, you can take your flight back to Dubai.


If you stay more, you would have to pay a fine for each extra day.

Be respectful and humble while relating with border officers.

If you are taking a rental automobile while driving to Oman, make sure that the vehicle has car insurance.

If you are travelling with kids, and both parents are not present, it is better to have a consent letter from the other parent.


The cheapest and the best method will be your car if you have one or have one on rent then checkup miles per gallon. This is the quickest way and you also have the freedom to explore other places as well.

The 2nd cheapest method is the bus if you are not in the mood to drive. One of the good things about the bus is meeting new people out there and you will not get bored.

The plane is a very comfortable way for a UAE visit visa, but it is very expensive. And you cannot save any time.

In my opinion, the car is the best option. 

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