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czn burak dubai

All About of Czn Burak

Czn Burak Dubai has its inauguration on 25th December 2020. CznBurak is a Turkish restaurant, owned by the Instagram famous chef, Chef Burak, who became popular when he started uploading videos of himself cooking in his restaurants, portraying his skills and art of cooking. People all around the world loved his content and loved visiting his restaurant during their visits to Turkey. Chef Czn Burak claims that his restaurants were flooded with people, especially tourists from UAE. Hence, despite the pandemic, the brilliant Chef Czn Burak decided to expand his restaurant chain outside of Turkey and opened a branch in UAE.
Whether our guests are looking for a relaxed afternoon or a special evening with impressive instagrammable shows, Czn Burak sets the stage for an exciting atmosphere and delicious Turkish cuisine paired with views of Downtown Dubai and Burj Khalifa.

Czn Burak Background

Chef Burak has a strong culinary heritage with his grandfather, the ‘künefe master’, and his father, who runs a restaurant in Şişli, Istanbul. Chef Burak developed his love of food and hospitality from this restaurant and has been involved in this business by working with his father since the age of 13. Now, still in his 20s, Chef Czn Burak runs six signature restaurants in Turkey, with Dubai in seventh place.

The Czn Burak Restaurant Dubai showcases food with strong Turkish and Arabic influences that diners will be familiar with. Designed by the most famous architect of the Middle East, the restaurant gives you and your family a homely feeling with its handmade ovens and comfortable seating areas, you can stay for hours. The interior décor permeates the large terrace so guests can sit back and enjoy a Turkish tea to finish their meal.

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Czn Burak Dubai Location

czn burak

Czn Burak Dubai Address is Boulevard Point – Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard – Downtown Dubai. It is located in the heart of Dubai, providing both indoor and outdoor dining facilities to its customers with the scenic view of Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. 

You can find the location on Google Maps from here 

Czn Burak Dubai Mall:

czn burak dubai mall

Czn Burak Burger is also part of Czn Burak Dubai and is located at the Dubai Mall, it offers dine-in, takeout, and delivery services as well, so you don’t miss your chance to taste their delicious burgers.

Location:CZN Burak Burger

Czn Burak Dubai Menu

czn burak menu dubai

czn burak dubai menu

czn burak dubai menu

The Czn Burak Dubai menu is extensive having 150 items, it has a mix of both Turkish and Arabic foods as it represents the cultural heritage of the chef. The menu is colourful, vast, and has something for everyone to choose from according to what delights their taste buds as Chef Czn Burak is inclined towards innovating flavours and incorporating the old ones into new dishes as well. Czn Burak Dubai’s menu has several different drink options to order from which were created by the world’s top-rated mixologists. Czn Burak Dubai also offers a variety of Shisha flavors.

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Each item on the menu is created from premium ingredients only to provide their customers with an exceptional experience, hence, Czn Burak’s Menu Prices are a little higher than the usual restaurants and not cheap at all. Yet, according to Chef Burak, the serving sizes at their restaurants are large and he claims that they represent moments shared between families and friends, so I love to cook extra-large meals; Food is for sharing, and it’s an experience I enjoy doing live shows for our guests, as it creates a close link between good food and warm memories. The higher pricing is compensated by the serving sizes if you are worried about that.

Here are some prices of Burak restaurant meals:


  • Stuffed dried aubergines: AED 32
  • Stuffed Cabbage: AED 32
  • Fraction: 32 AED
  • Eggplant shakshuka: 37 AED
  • Muhammara: AED 31
  • Mutabel: 31 AED
  • Baba Ghanoush: AED 35
  • Pickles: AED 35
  • Jagik: 31 AED
  • Yogurt: 35 AED

Kebabs and grills:

  • Single mixed grill: AED 104
  • Grilled lamb chops: AED 135
  • Kebab: AED 89
  • Grilled eggplant kebab: AED 94
  • Pistachio Kebab: AED 94
  • Pepper kebab: AED 89
  • Kebab with Thyme: AED 91
  • 1-meter kebab: 400 AED
  • Yayladagi Kebab: 111 AED
  • Beef skewers: 125 AED
  • Lamb skewers: AED 96
  • Shish Tawook: AED 84
  • Grilled boneless chicken: AED 82
  • Boneless chicken with cheese: AED 88


  • Baklava: 65 AED
  • Rice pudding (rice pudding): AED 50
  • Kunafa with cheese for one: AED 55
  • Fruit plate: AED 95
  • Qatayef with pistachios: 55 AED

Famous Dishes At Czn Burak Dubai

czn burak dubai

The three dishes that you can order at Czn Burak Dubai without giving it another thought are 

Baked Lamb Shank is the softest meat dish you will ever eat

Stuffed Ribs has special sauce on the outside and flavorful rice on the inside

Baked Steak With Salt is the most ordered meal at Czn Burak Dubai

Czn Burak Opening Hours

The restaurant is open all week long and does not have different timings for weekdays or weekends. 

12 AM1 AM, 7 days a week

For more information or reservations, you can contact them at 

Phone: +971581081800


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who owns CznBurak Dubai?

Turkish chef Burak Özdemir, known as CznBurak, opened a restaurant in Downtown Dubai. CznBurak, who has approximately 17.8 million followers on Instagram, opened his restaurant at Boulevard Point in Downtown Dubai on December 25.

Does CznBurak Dubai serve alcohol?

Yes, it is a licensed venue.

Why is Czn Burak Dubai famous?

It’s famous due to the chef and the exceptionally innovative foods served at the restaurant. Chef Czn Burak once cooked an entire ostrich and is also known for his 40-inch long kebabs.

Has any celebrity ever visited Czn Burak Dubai?

Chef Burak posted on the restaurant’s official page on Instagram a series of photos showing many famous visits to his new restaurant in Dubai, for example:

Famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo

His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai.

Will Czn Burak open in Saudi?

Chef Burak stated in an interview that he plans on expanding the franchise and opening one in Saudi Arabia along with Czn Burak Burgers.


I hope you enjoyed to read on Czn Burak Dubai. If there’s anything that you feel I could have included, let me know in the comments below. Now, I’d like to wrap it up by talking about the strengths and weaknesses of Czn Burak.

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