Views To Enjoy From Dubai To Fujairah With A Car Rental

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The journey from Dubai to Fujairah is full of scenic amazing views that make your trip fresh and enjoyable. You can plan a weekend trip to this amazing emirate along with your family and kids. You are planning to go out of Dubai and explore something that is naturally beautiful and has various historical sites. Well! Fujairah suits you best because this emirate has a fair portion of such amazing places in it. Along with it, it is recommended to travel in your private car to enjoy your journey more and you can get one from Amex car rental.

In this blog, we are going to share a short guide about your journey from Dubai to Fujairah. We will also discuss some of the places that you can visit in Fujairah as you reach. 

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How to Get Dubai To Fujairah?

Adventure dubai to Fujairah

The distance from Dubai to Fujairah is not that much as this emirate is located only at a distance of 185 km. You do not have to book any expensive flight tickets because you can easily travel in a rental car too. You may start your journey from Sharjah Kalba Road/ E 10 from Dubai and then you have to take an exit from E 47. After this exit, you will be straight on the Fujairah Road/ Maliha that will get you to Fujairah without any hassle. 

Booking a taxi or a cab can also be an option for you but it will be a little expensive for you. Booking a taxi may cost you about 310 to 370 AED. On the other hand, you can also use public transportation for getting to Fujairah in case you do not have a car. It will take about 3 hours to reach Dubai to Fujairah bus while a ticket for a single individual may cost you about 25 AED.  

Best Places to Visit in Fujairah 

Fujairah Museum 

It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Dubai To Fujairah. It is a small red stone building that welcomes thousands of visitors each year from October to March. This museum also hosts some school trips, events, and exhibitions for the sake of knowledge and information for students. It is located near Fujairah Fort and you can easily reach there by car. Fujairah Museum gives you a glimpse of the different lifestyles of the emirate and also has several Islamic artefacts that cover the historical period of the UAE.

 Fujairah Fort 

Dubai To Fujairah

The Fujairah Fort is the oldest in the United Arab Emirates. It was built in 1670 as a defensive material for the ruling family. It is located about 2 km away from the central area of the emirate in the region of old Fujairah. This fort was built over an area of 610 square meters by using local materials like gravel, rock, and mortar. Entry to this fort is absolutely free and you can certainly arrange a trip to this fort with your family and kids to witness the lives of the ruler family. 

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The Heritage Village 

heritage village abu dhabi

Fujairah has a lot of historical sites and attractions for visitors and the Heritage Village is one of them. It is an open-air museum that allows you to explore old Arabic traditions. It has several houses that are built on the traditional architecture and materials commonly used in the region. Some of the huts are also made up of mud and bricks while some are made up of date leaves and twigs. You can also witness the traditional irrigation system that was used in Arab farms before the modern industrial revolution. 

Other Famous Attractions in Fujairah 

Some of the other famous and worth visiting attractions in Dubai To Fujairah:

  • Hajar Mountains 
  • Al Bidyah Mosque 
  • Fujairah Wadis 
  • Sheikh Zayed Mosque 
  • Fujairah’s Smaller Forts 
  • Masafi Market 

Restaurants in Fujairah 

fujairah restaurants

Here are some of the famous restaurants in Fujairah that you can explore during your trip. 

  • Gonu Bar and Grill 
  • Al Nouman Restaurant 
  • Al Meshwar Restaurant
  • Sapore 
  • The Bookstore Fujairah 
  • Views Restaurant
  • Taste Indo Thai Restaurant 
  • Bahari Beach Bar   

Final thoughts

Well, we have mentioned some of the best places to visit in Fujairah in this blog. You can keep all these things in mind while planning a Fujairah trip from Dubai. Also, renting your personal car is the best option to enjoy your trip. For a luxury experience, opt for Dollar rent a car services. Happy travelling!

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