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www emirates draw com

www emirates draw com

Emirates Draw is all everyone in UAE can talk about these days. Emirates Draw UAE is a prize-winning lucky draw in which contestants can win up to a million DHS.

What is Emirates Draw?

emirates draw

It is a debut lucky draw in which participants have the chance two win twice in a single draw. It consists of two rounds. It was started in 2021 and had its first draw on 25th September 2021. This show’s purpose is to improve people’s lives and make them easier, and a considerable part of their earnings goes to the Coral Reef Programme. Hence, Emirates Draw is working towards both the sustainability of the environment and is taking a step forward by helping Emirates Draw winners financially.

How Do You Win In Emirates Draw?

emirates draw uae

Participants automatically participate in two sweepstakes. The first is a draw in which seven winners are chosen at random. This is followed by a second draw for the winning combination of seven numbers. The numbers must match in the exact order to win.

First Match – Drawing

Match the first number to any Entries from the Winning Numbers (from right to left).

Second Match – Drawing

Properly match the first and second numbers to any entries from the Winning Numbers (from right to left)

The winner will receive AED 77.

Third Match – Drawing

Match the first, second, and third numbers to any entries from the Winning Numbers (from right to left).

The winner will receive AED 777.

Fourth Match – Drawing

Properly match the first, second, third, and fourth numbers to any Input from Winning Numbers (from right to left).

The winner will receive AED 7,777.

Fifth Match – Drawing

Match the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth numbers to any number from the Winning Numbers (if marked from right to left)

The winner will receive AED 77,777.

Sixth Match – Drawing

Properly match the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth numbers to any entered number from the Winning Numbers (if marked from right to left).

The winner will receive AED 777,777.

Seventh Match – Drawing

Match all numbers in sequence to any Entries from Winning Numbers. This includes the Grand Prize.

The Emirates Draw Winner will receive the grand prize of  AED 100,000,000

The Raffle Draw – 1st Part Of Emirates draw UAE

emirates draw winners

The raffle is the first part of the Draw Game. All Players who participated in that week’s Game will be placed in the Raffle and seven (7) lucky winners will be selected. Each of the seven Emirates Draw UAE Winners will receive AED 77,777.

How To Participate In Emirates Draw?

To participate in the Emirates Draw you must have an account. 

Who to create an Account?

  • To create your account through the website open


  • If you do not wish to open an account through the website, you can install the app through Google Play Store or Apple Store, just search Emirates Draw App

Emirates draw app on Google Play Store


https://apps.apple.com › app › emirates-draw

Emirates Draw Login:

After creating your Emirates Draw Account, log in to your account and follow these steps.

The first thing that you have to do is to buy pencils, easy right? Just select the number of pencils you want to purchase, remember, each pencil adds one line to the draw and you save the coral reefs with your buy. 

Moving on to the next step, select the numbers per line, you have to select 7 digits for one draw. You can choose from 0 – 9. If you do not wish to choose the numbers yourself, you have the option to have a machine-generated number. 

In step 3, you have to select the type of Emirates Draw you wish to enter, you have two options.

  • CURRENT EMIRATES DRAW: This allows you to enter the nearest and forthcoming draw.
  • MULTIPLE UPCOMING EMIRATES DRAWS: This allows you to enter your selected line numbers for up to 5 immediate and forthcoming draw dates.

In Step 4, the system will tell you if your selected number sequence is available or not. If your desired This show’s sequence is unavailable, you may enter another number or let the system choose for you by selecting the Quick Pick option.

Once the payment is completed, you will receive a confirmation email from Emirates Draw and you have now participated in This show.

How To Win

You have read in great detail about how to match your numbers and what prizes you might win through Emirates Draw. Just simply watch the Emirates Draw Live session and check the Emirates Draw Results,  if you get to be one of the winners, the amount will be credited to your Emirates Draw Wallet.

Emirates Draw Results

Here Are the results

Emirates draw winners list

Winners List Are Here in the picture that you can see

Emirates draw winning numbers

The winning number is here

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where are the draws for Emirates Draw held?

The draws are held weekly, every Saturday at 7 pm, live on Emirates Draw Live Youtube Channel 


Emirates Draw how to buy?

The proper details are given in the article above follow the steps and you will enter the draw.

Is Emirates draw Halal or Haram?

Emirates Lotto is Sharia compliant and endorsed by the General Authority for Islamic Affairs and Donations in Abu Dhabi with a Fatwa 205/2020. Sharia principles state that there must be an exchange of value and that raffle participants must purchase collectible cards to participate.

How much do you pay for an Emirates draw?

50 AED, Emirates Draw Products, and/or Services may be purchased on the Platform for AED 50 (Fifty Dirhams) each, or as they may decide from time to time.

How do Emirates draw work?

The draw takes place in two rounds, one has 7 guaranteed winners and the other round is based on the matched numbers of the participants.


The emirates draw is for everyone and gives everyone a fair chance at winning the prizes, now that you’ve read the article, you know how easy it is to participate. Do give this draw a chance and try your luck out

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