Dubai’s Love Lake: Two Hearts in the Middle of the Desert

Love Lake Dubai

Love Lake in Dubai

Dubai is appreciated because of its multitudinous integrity and elegance because there is no paucity of glamorous spots and skyscrapers in Dubai. Just like that, Love Lake is a very wonderful and crucial part of Dubai for people who love with their hearts and want to spend their time in an astonished and aesthetic place.

All the families keep looking for an alternative when they sit in harmony and can spend their time. In this case, we will say these Are Some Beautiful Places to visit in Dubai where the best time continuance and adequate moments can make your life anointed with gladness.


Whether life is pleasant or miserable, we have to blow it, but if we alter life towards cherish and pleasure, we can bring it better. Life always becomes more desirable and susceptible if we have beautiful memories to recollect, so here is a golden chance to make memories with your love once and turn the page of your life towards prosperity.

Here we describe the Love Lake that provokes you to realize that you must go to that place. Some of the fascinating aspects about the lake are as follows;

The interesting fact about the Love Lake

love lake

  • There is an extraordinary fact about the lack: it consists of such two big hearts that they can see from space.
  • This lake becomes more famous after a post by Sheikh Hamdan bin Muhammad bin Rashid al Maktoum in his social media account as he is the crown prince of Dubai.
  • Exceptional people come there in private helicopters as they admire the entire scene and make reels and selfies.  Not all come for shots, some of us have to establish mind-blowing endless memories.Planning to Visit Dubai? Get Cheap Flights From Dubai

What you can do the at lake

heart lake dubai

Instead of taking selfies and recording reels, we can enjoy ourselves in various ways such as;

  • Camping is one of the most audacious ideas for any trip and it stays adds spice to the trip. During camping, we can do a lot of activities 
  • We can enjoy our time by singing and dancing.  And it will make a tremendous period and incredible memories with our love once and we can say this time will bring your craving to be fulfilled.
  • There are no hotels and marts there. We have to bring our setup with us and cook our food. It is indeed a great activity and full of fun and adventure,  we can barbeque there and cook any other things of our choice and make a heart-touching moment
  • Bonfire is a good part of any camping or trip it always adds adventure to any trip
  • Kids can ride their bikes 
  • Catching the scene of the Dubai sunset with your loved ones is so amazing and romantic
  • At night in a clear vast sky enjoying twinkling starsClick here to book: Cheap Hotels In Dubai 

Things to know before visit

love lake dubai location

Some of them you must know before the visit as they can be a great guide to you. You can pack your things according to your needs. They are as given below;

  • If you guys are enthusiastic about recording reels, taking selfies and videos. Then you must know about drones because the mist of the heart’s attractive scenes can easily be captured by drones.
  • Freeing the fishes, birds and other wildlife there is strictly prohibited
  • There are no cafes, restaurants, and water facilities there. You have to take it with themselves 
  • You can have barbeque there and enjoy the bonfire 
  • Washroom facilities are limited and they are only in the parking area. 
  • Never shirk to take a trash bag with you for the wastes of your cause it is our responsibility to  take care of our surroundings make them neat and clean
  • If you want to stay there at night  never forget to take warm clothes with you because it sometimes becomes too cool at nightMust Check Out: Dubai to Fujairah

Love lake entrance fee

love lake dubai

If we discuss the Love Lake Dubai entrance fee, it is good news for everyone that Love Lake is fully free to visit, you can visit at such an aesthetic place without any cost.

Moreover, you can go there at any time in 24-hour without exhausting a single dirham, but all you need is your convenience and fuel. So need to delay, make a plan and do it soon to make your time precious with your loved ones.

Places to visit in Liwa Dubai 


Dubai is full of many bold, antiquated, artistic, and contemporary places. After visiting Love Lake Dubai, we can say there is also a spot of love and amour there. This place is not only limited to couples. You can go there with your loved ones and your families.

Life is boring for those who can’t make it exciting but at the same time, life becomes audacious for vigorous people. We have to seize strides to make our life fascinating and delightful.

Overhead we illustrate the allures and information about Love Lake that will boost you a lot. So don’t forfeit the moment and opportunity, make a plan and hit the spot with your love once.

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