How to Find the Best Car Rental Deal in Sharjah? Top Tips

Rent A Car Sharjah
Rent A Car Sharjah

Sharjah is a beautiful desert city of the United Arab Emirates Sharjah which is the land of the desert park and tall skyscrapers. This city has a wide range of visual treats that you can visit and experience. Sharjah has many beautiful sights, expensive shopping malls, very famous restaurants that offer you lavish food. Visiting these places in Sharjah would make your vacation an incredible experience.

To roam around different tourist points in the city, you can get in touch with any Rent A Car Sharjah company to get the best car deals. Relying on public transport even though unfamiliar to the city is not a good choice. Various car rental companies and their deals are available in Sharjah to make your trip exciting and joyful. You can easily rent a car of your choice as these companies provide you with hundreds of options from luxurious to normal cars. They will also offer you discounts and amazing deals on longer car rental terms and many other benefits. 

Here are some of the top tips shared with you, so that you can find the Best Car Rental Deal in Sharjah

Things to Know Before Choosing Car Rental in Sharjah

  • Look out the vehicle thoroughly, if you find any scratches or dents on its surface inform your agent immediately and click pictures if necessary. 
  • Check the fuel tank, especially when the company has agreed to provide you a car with a full tank. This will help you to pay no extra charges at the time of return.
  • Check the pressures of the tires and tubes too. 
  • If you are not satisfied with the air pressure or condition of the tire, feel free to ask them for changing it.
  • Check miles on the odometer that the vehicle has covered, remember that ideal rental cars will drive less than 25,000 miles.
  • Do not forget to check the working of the air conditioner as Sharjah has hot weather and it would be a necessity for you.
  • Must check the GPS’s working and the USB cables of the car are connecting properly to your phone.
  • And before making it your final car for rent must take a quick test drive whether it is comfortable in driving or not.

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Driving License

A driving license is mandatory when you are driving in the United Arab Emirates. If you are an inhabitant of the country, you should have your national driving license. In the case of foreigners, you must carry your international driving license or IDP (International Driving Permit) which should be issued from the country from where your license is. However, if you are from GCC countries your national driving license along with your visiting visa is enough for you.

Insurance Policy 

Before renting a car make sure that your car is being insured. It will help you in dealing with any hard circumstances in an unknown country. The right information about the insurance policy gives you confidence in managing problems or any damage that occurs. Your insurance policy will defend you when an injury or accident happens to the car. All your harms and damages are covered by it. 

Security Deposit

When you are renting a car from any car rental company in Sharjah, it is very important to know about the security deposit information. It’s all about how much you would have to pay if any damage or loss occurs to the car or if you are unable to return the vehicle in a limited time. You can pay this amount either in cash or from your card. However, usage of a credit card is recommended as then your block amount is released quickly within several days.

Valid Registration of your Car

While renting a car make sure that your car has a valid registration and original registration number. Go through all the details about the validity of the registration of your car. If you want a rented car for a cross-border expedition, check that registration of your car ticks all the right boxes, so that you could cross the border with your car without any problem. A valid registration of your car is necessary for crossing the border.

Terms and Conditions

It is better to know about all the terms and conditions of the car. This will help you in understanding the process of rental cars. Also gives you information about the rules and regulations of the rental company and their working details. It is also best for you to learn the road regulations of the city. Otherwise, a heavy fine, punishment, or black points would be slapped on you in case of violation of the law.

No Permission of Driving Private Vehicles

UAE is very strict about its rules regulations. And it bound its citizens to follow them properly. If you are not a resident of the UAE you are not allowed to drive a personal vehicle that is borrowed from any friend or relative in the region. It is against the law of the country. If you want to travel in the city, you would use public transport or the metro bus for this. You can also rent a car, taxi, or cab for your ease but personal cars are not allowed at any cost. 

Furthermore, our top recommendation for a car rental company is RentalcarsUAE as it is available in all Emirates of UAE. No matter if you are in Dubai and using a rental car hired from Dubai, you can take it to the other Emirates of UAE. You can also book online before your travel and they will deliver your car to your desired location. Moreover, you can opt-in for Monthly car rental services if your stay duration is long. 


Some of the tips to find the best car rental in Sharjah is given above. Before renting a car in the city go through these. They will certainly help you in making a better decision. You should follow them for a perfect car rental deal. So that you can enjoy the city in the car of your choice. 


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