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Jebel Hafeet is the 3rd highest point of Abu Dhabi and the third highest in the UAE And the historic significance of the very best top in Abu Dhabi. Guests can spend the nighttime tenting or revel in some of the activities. As well as exploring the Neolithic tombs that date returned 5,000 years. The United Arab Emirates is emerging as one of the pinnacle international destinations within the Middle East. UAE is dotted with plenty of people’s Favourite locations. And it is certainly one of them. it is the very best mountain top in Abu Dhabi. Rising to a height of 1.249 metres above the ground. This mountain is located inside the Tawam area in Al Ain.

Seems like a wasteland and features a series of long stretching roads. Luring humans to head for a captivating pressure. If you’re planning to discover this treasurable gem. Then study for our guide, almost the whole thing to do with this beautiful place.

Where is jebel Hafeet located?

The is a component of the Hajar mountains. The majority that is part of the Hajar mountain range is located in Oman. It is the main reason for the very different climate of Oman in comparison to the UAE. The Jebel Hafeet region has been split in half by Oman in the middle and UAE. However, the top of the mountain lies in Abu Dhabi.

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Height of Jebel Hafeet

The peak point of the Mountain is as excessive as 1,249 metres above the ground. it is frequently wrongly perceived as the highest mountain height within the UAE. So, This is the second-highest ordinary specific. It was crucial to mention the word ‘natural’. As Emirates has so many man-made systems higher than its mountain peaks!

Best Things To Do At Jebel Hafeet

Forged out of craggy and climate-beaten limestone. This region narrates a tale of the UAE’s transformation from the Bronze Age. Through vast fossil discoveries made within the area. If you need to know what to do at Jebel Hafeet. And a way to spend it slowly there. Have a look at the list of the activities in and around.

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Drive Around The Highway

Many people journey to those mountains to make their way to the top. Gaze at the sky from there. But, even in this case, you don’t have this sort of desire. Do that out – you will adore it. Drive or, in case you are feeling like combining a laugh and health. Cycle your manner throughout the mountain via a winding motorway. Considered some of the globe’s best-using roads. The toll road will provide you with an opportunity to experience the outstanding views of Al Ain.

Jebel hafeet desert park

jebel hafeet desert park camping

Sitting on the foothills of the mountain. Jebel Hafeet Desert Park is an imposing herbal surrounding. Where you could enjoy mountain cycling, horse or camel rides. Spreading throughout a 9-kilometre stretch, this family-friendly park. Boasts masses of historic and archaeological remains. This is the region where Danish archaeologists excavated tombs more than 5,000 years old. In 2011, Desert Park has declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Because it preserves the precise biodiversity and dynamic panorama of the vicinity.

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Al ain Zoo

It’s one of the oldest zoos in the city. The erstwhile ruler of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Zayed, had based the zoo in 1968. It extends across a vast area of 400 hectares. More than 4,000 animals from over 2 hundred species grace this garden. Big Cat, Hippos, Desert animals the zoo is a treat to look at. Especially in case, you come with children.

Al Jahili Fort

Established greater than a hundred and twenty years in the past. This citadel has been the residence of the ruling circle of relatives of Abu Dhabi – the Al Nahyan family. The Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage restored it numerous years back. To alter it into a gallery for community programming. There are specific exhibition galleries here to be able to acquaint you with Emirati history and lifestyle. There is a lush, inexperienced park outdoors. So if you are tired of walking everywhere in the fort. You may spend a few enjoyable times here.

Mercure grand jebel hafeet

mercure grand jebel hafeet

After a protracted day at Jebel Hafeet hotel. You could cease it on a calming notice with Mercure. This outstanding lodge flaunts a current interior with spacious rooms. The hotel additionally homes three eating places and an expansive swimming pool. Your life at this hotel will treat you to an excellent unfold of Moroccan, Italian and French cuisine. The Mercure Grand Jebel Hafeet Hotel seems like a glowing oasis right inside the heart of the barren lands of Al Ain. Prices start from as little as 200 AED according to nighttime.

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Hili Archaeological Park

This location serves as both an archaeological park and a public lawn. There are many monuments right here which are nearly 5,000 years old. The Hili Grand Tomb is the chief attraction right here. With its extremely good engravings of human and animal figurines. There is a children’s play region so if you have children with you. You can drop them off right here to let them enjoy themselves. So, there’s a variety of astonishing points of interest in and around. Spend a few satisfactory times here. And you will benefit from a great enjoyment of the wealthy cultural historical past.

Al Ain Oasis

When you’re close to Al Ain. You should not miss the Al Ain Oasis. This excellent area gives you a respite from the blistering warmth waves with the shades of date palm plantations. Take a leisure stroll on its footpaths and watch these palm grooves swing within the breeze. They’re even nevertheless watered through the use of the conventional Falaj. The irrigation system was adopted more than 3,000 years ago.

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jebel hafeet weather

Beautiful weather at jebel hafeet

The climate here is significantly more cool than in the country throughout the year. Even in the summer months, when parts of Dubai will be scorching hot above forty degrees and the temperatures in Jebel Hafeet is less than forty degrees. It’s not the most comfortable temperature but it’s much less than other regions within the UAE.

Winter is the perfect opportunity to appreciate Jebel Jafeet’s beauty. Jebel Jafeet. In winter, temperatures drop to a minimum. It can also be quite cloudy at times.


You can visit this terrific mountain terrain any time of the day. However, in case you are creating strategies to go. Then you absolutely must plan your go-to between 11.00 AM till 11.00 PM at some time in the week.

How much do activities cost?

The entry fee to the park is Dhs10. for adults and Dhs5 for children who are under 12 years of age. The cost of activities varies. Bike rentals start from Dhs25 for horse and camel rides start at Dhs30 and guided hikes starting at Dhs55 and guided buggy tour for Dhs120

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Jebel Hafeet is a superb destination for hikers, trippers, cyclists and even motorists. Viewing for a dissimilar over the drop. There is also lots to do and notice within the local vicinity of Al Ain too. We advise travelling need to you be nearby. You’re certain now not to be disappointed. The Mercure grand Jebel Hafeet hotel is one of the best places to stay after a long hectic day.

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