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About Nammos Dubai

A fresh out of the plastic new gastronomic experience. That rethinks rich diversion is the Nammos Dubai. Go along with us for a sample of Mediterranean refinement and a culinary excursion done the way. Directly from Mykonos, it is an exceptionally merry and exuberant private ocean side. And is regularly visited by the brilliant young people of the Middle East. This spot has a white sandy ocean side with turquoise water. An eatery, and a bar. It is feasible to sit on individual deckchairs set out around the ocean. The renowned shisha is served. It is brought to you until your folding seat.

Nammos Dubai Menu

The Beautiful couple are readin Nammos Dubai Menu

  • Vegetarian options
  • Big focus on meat and seafood
  • Lots of Greek-inspired options
  • Extravagant wines & champagnes

The spaghetti with shrimp, scallop, and basil pesto (Dhs149) is firm to the chomp. With a sensitive sprinkle of garlic and pine nuts. Principle courses are totally new and appropriately sensational. Served on colossal platters for the new fish or wooden sheets for the meat. With features are the widely acclaimed Kobe hamburger beginning at Dhs486/100g. And the fish of the day up to Dhs620/kg. The two of which are filleted or cut tableside.

No curve balls on the sweet menu with a profiterole, Pavlova, and frozen yoghurt. The chocolate mousse might be somewhat light and cushy for know-it-alls. Yet by this stage, you’ve been all around entertained by live vocalists. And for the most part, cleared up in the magnificence. All things considered, you’ll either be moving or drooped vigorously in your seat.

Accompany a spirited MasterCard and keep those famous people honest.

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Location and contact

nammos restaurant dubai

Nammos is located near Beach, Four Seasons Resort – Jumeirah – Jumeirah 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates You Can contact them at +971 4 340 1002. 

More Info

  1. Takeaway Available
  2. Full Bar Available
  3. Indoor Seating
  4. Table booking recommended
  5. Outdoor Seating
  6. Seaview


 nammos dubai


Tucked close to the primary entry of the Four Seasons Resort. Nammos hits its private ocean side, patio, and eatery. Breeze past the fairly cold gathering served by the triplet of pressed-together. Lipped hosts why upscale eateries demand employing them stays a secret and head inside. There, wraps of white cloth welcome you to sink into a white-washed wood seat. And dig in for the afternoon.

The daylight streams through the tall windows. Huge green plants give an eruption of variety, cleverly dressed, and far more amiable servers. Run around the eatery with purpose. The insides were planned by Athens/London-based plan firm. Elastic Interiors takes motivation from bona fide Mykonian materials. While the outside porch and oceanfront highlight the famous blue and white umbrellas. Uniquely designed by Tuuci.

Sculptural furnishings and hand-created carpets, normal materials. For example, blanched wood and fieldstone, clay tabletops. That has been matched with specially crafted seats, couches, and lighting. All fabricated by COLLECTIONAL STUDIO through our broad organization of accomplices and merchants. Following the particulars of Elastic Architects. The outcome is a reasonable blend of extravagance and loosened-up outfitting.

Nammos Dubai menu price

The Nammos Dubai menu price is given pride, alongside a breadbasket and olive oil. The well-disposed sommelier offers master tips from a heavenly rundown. Does anybody for a 2011 Chateau La Mission at Dhs 24,450 a container? Consistent with the Greek provenance, the menu radiates a delicacy of touch.  That takes more time in the Mediterranean. The burrata (Dhs149) with four sorts of tomatoes, avo, and barbecued asparagus. And olive oil is a work of art, a velvety beginning.

From the crude reach, the line-got fish of the day carpaccio (Dhs129). With ocean imp, kelp, and finger lime is delightfully tart. While the special aborigine mille-feuille (Dhs86) is a transcending show-stopper. Layered with feta cream cheddar.

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Mediterranean elegance and style

It’s the ideal opportunity for Dubai to get its essence of Mediterranean brio and style! From the sleek sand of Psarou Beach, Mykonos. Nammos takes its interminable tomfoolery and inflexible extravagance. All over the world to the brilliant rises of the Middle East! In the most special spot of Dubai. At Four Seasons Resort at Jumeirah ocean side. The most sultry new spot welcomes you to days and evenings of Mediterranean style. The great preferences with extravagant perspectives of the Arabian Sea. And the notorious Dubai horizon.

Freshest hot spot Style by the sea

 nammos dubai

Nammos beach club Dubai is at the Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach. Presents a fresh-out-of-the-box new gastronomic experience. That comes to reclassify extravagant diversion in the United Arab Emirates. All components that make the top objective for bon-vivant are here. Signature dishes, the most extreme wine and champagne names, and Mykonian verve. In addition to a rich hint of Eastern style.

Final thoughts

Guests to Nammos restaurant Dubai can look over the indoor and open-air seating. At the Mediterranean-motivated eatery. Which has shocking current goods, joined with a luxury beachside feel. It presents a pristine gastronomic encounter. That comes to reclassify lavish amusement in the United Arab Emirates.

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Who owns nammos Dubai?

Ibrahim Samy, the founder of Nammos World.

Who designed nammos Dubai?

lighting design By IFI architectural and Architect Design By Elastic architects

What is the meaning of nammos?

The Arabic word “nāmūs” (ناموس) may mean “law”, “custom” or “honor”. The Ancient Greek word “nómos” (νόμος) means “law, custom“.

Which beach is nammos on?

Located on Psarou Beach, Nammos Mykonos is a nonstop party beach.


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