7 Places to Visit in the Early Morning during Dubai Trip

places to visit in dubai

Dubai is the 4th most visited city in the world that welcomes approx millions of tourists and visitors throughout the year. Places To Visit in Dubai about 16 million people visited Dubai in the last year. It is one of the top attractions and best destinations for tourists because of its traditions and culture. Some other reasons for being the world’s most famous tourist attraction are its skyscrapers, wonderful buildings, beaches and water parks, desert safari, architectural masterpieces, and many others.

Places to visit in dubai  

People love to visit and explore the beauty of this amazing city. You can also plan your trip to Dubai with your friends and family during your vacations. You can witness some of the most amazing sites and places that are not easy to remove from your memory. In case you are a morning person and love to do things early in the morning, Dubai has also something exciting for you. There are a lot of places in the city of gold that can be visited in the early morning like early morning desert safari with kids as the desert is not that hot in the morning. 

Here are some of the places that you can visit in the early morning during your Dubai trip. Get car rental Dubai services to enjoy memorable Dubai holidays.

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1- Visit Sunrise Hot Air Balloon 

hot air balloon dubai 

You can go for the sunrise hot air balloon Dubai tour above the deserts. It gives you a wonderful view of the deserts of Dubai that is unbeatable. You can book your early morning trip and try to reach there before the sun rises. Otherwise, you will certainly miss an incredible and beautiful view. Your children who are older than five years can also take part in it. Although it is a bit costly, you will get an amazing bird’s eye view of the massive red dunes, gazelles, and roving camels. Its ticket price for a person is 8454 AED.

2- An Abra Ride 

abra dubai

The abra Dubai ride starts in the early morning at 5:00 am. It is one of the best activities to do in the early morning if you do not want to experience it in the heat. In case you are okay doing a sailing trip on a motorized abra, down the creeks gives you a unique and wonderful view of the city. As we all know that water traffic is much better than road traffic, so you can get an abra ride early in the morning with your family. You can also discover the old Dubai and its charm after riding in a traditional half-boat, half raft. It is a very cheap tour for you as its ticket price is only 2 AED.

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3- Go out on the Beaches 

beaches in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is quite rich in beaches as this country is surrounded by the seas. Many of these beaches in Dubai are the best places to visit in the morning. Nothing beats the heaven of the long expanse of sand at the Arabian Gulf. It could be one of the best and relaxing experiences during the early morning hours when the sun is not too hot. You can also bring your runners, bathers, or unwind on a blanket sipping the tea with the cool breeze of the sea. Several spots are available for diving, jet-skiing, and snorkelling at different resorts.

4- Morning Desert Safari

morning desert safari dubai

In the early morning desert safari Dubai hours, deserts are not as hot and shiny as in the daytime. You can explore the desert and desert safari tour if you do not have time in the evenings. You can enjoy camel or horse riding, ride in a dune buggy, or a quad bike ride. At that time the sand is quite cool and a cold breeze is blowing, it would not be too harsh weather for the sensitive persons. This activity is open throughout the year, in case the weather is pleasant. Ticket prices for morning desert safari are about 110 AED. 

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5- Take a good breakfast with an Awesome View

breakfast in dubai

Dubai is a city of foreigners and travellers. You may find breakfast in Dubai And all types of food and restaurants in the city. Taking a good breakfast in some amazing hotel or with an awful view will refresh your mood. As a breakfast served to you is a refreshing change. Some of the family-friendly bistros may open as early as 7 to 7:30 am because the official timing of sunrise in Dubai is 6:37 am. Some other quality places that are worth mentioning are Urban Bistro, Cafe Bateel, Cafe Bistro of Dubai Marina Yacht Club, and the Lime Tree Cafe.

 6- Visit Dubai Miracle Garden

miracle garden dubai

A morning at this beautiful miracle garden Dubai will certainly re-energize you. It is a beautiful place of about 72,000 square meters with almost 150 million flowers in it. You will see their blooms and also enjoy a relaxed stroll. A visit to this garden is one of the interesting things to do in Dubai, especially with your kids. It also offers you various activities that are exciting for the kids. It is located at Al Barsha South-3, Dubai and its ticket price is approx 108 AED.

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7- Zaroob and the Dubai Metro and Tram

dubai metro timing

You want a splendid start to your day, then go to the Zaroob. Dubai metro timing 24/7 and is considered one of the finest fresh juices in the city of gold. It is an eatery with 2 floors located at a short distance from the SZR in proximity. Moreover, the Dubai metro also starts very early in the morning as you can catch the very first bus at sharp 6:00 am and see the emirate of Dubai awakening. Children who love trains will find this ride exciting and thrilling. Get Cheap Car Rental Dubai to enjoy an economical Dubai trip. 


These are some of the places that you can visit in Dubai during the early morning hours. These places are quite suitable to enjoy with the whole family, especially with kids. Aside from these, there are a lot of other places that you can witness too

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