Status of Unexpected Pregnancy Out of Wedlock in UAE

The UAE government says that cohabitation laws are now changed in the country. This means that it is easier to register children born to unmarried couples because of the new legal reform announced by the government in 2020. The recent amendment to premarital sexual relationships that parents of children born out of wedlock will not be punished anymore. All you need to know about unexpected pregnancy not married UAE.

Declaring Parentage

Consensual sex between adults is now legal as Article 356 of the UAE Penal Code. This applies to persons at least fourteen years old and not insane. Children born outside of marriage are not allowed to have identification certificates. Both the parents should take responsibility for the child and provide requirements according to the guidelines. One of the documents involved a marriage license. Hence, the law ultimately suggests that the child born out of wedlock will get recognition only when the parents are married.

Law Creates a Blurry Picture

Unmarried mothers are panicking due to the blurry picture of this new legal reform and its effects. Since many women struggled until last year to get their children identification certificates, some even separated from their children.

However, as of November 2020’s changes, the law does not penalize consensual sex or pregnancy before marriage.

But what is the legal status for a child born to parents who aren’t married or don’t have the required marriage documents? The UAE, like many Muslim countries, believes that the child will get recognition only when the parents tie a knot and remain married to take care of their next generation.

Marriage is a prerequisite.

The UAE law states that marriage is legally binding for a man or woman to form a relationship and start a family. To get legal recognition of their child, the man and woman must lawfully marry each other.

Although UAE residents can get married easily within Dubai or even ask to register their marriage date online from the court, it is difficult for people of different nationalities. Most lawyers in Dubai suggest that you get married in the first few months of pregnancy to avoid all the legal battles.

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