Travel to Costa Rica: 7 Reasons Why you Should Visit Tamarindo

Travel to Costa Rica 7 Reasons Why you Should Visit Tamarindo

The country of Costa Rica is loved by vacationers for many reasons. They range from beautiful beaches to remarkable landmarks that tell the country’s story. Speaking of landmarks or places of interest; there’s a place called Tamarindo. In this article, you’ll get to know what Tamarindo is. You’ll also get to know the reasons why it’s one of the best Costa Rica travel hotspots.


What is Tamarindo?

What is Tamarindo

Tamarindo is a beach found in the province of Guanacaste in Costa Rica. It’s considered by many as one of the nicest west coast beaches. Vacationers that visit this beach tend to be friends, couples, or family looking for relaxation and fun. The beach is remarkable, and a lot of activities keep this the most sought after destination in Costa Rica.


Many Costa Rica travel guides state that this beach is one of the best destinations in the country. If you’re planning to make a trip to Costa Rica, especially for the first time, Tamarindo is a recommended destination. We’ll get to know the reasons why shortly.


7 Reasons Why you Should Visit Tamarindo

Here are the reasons why you should visit Tamarindo once you’ve booked a Costa Rica trip. Here they are as listed:

  1. The beach life

  • The beaches of Tamarindo are bustling with so much activity. During the day, people engage in swimming, surfing, and fishing. Some would do water sports too. Whereas once the sun has set, it has a very lively nightlife. There’s a lot of dancing and partying in bars once it’s night.
  1. The Las Baulas National Marine Park

  • Are you a nature enthusiast? If that’s the case, you can visit the Las Baulas National Marine Park. This nature park spans over 1,100 acres of beach and coast and around 54,400 maritime acres. The nature park is home to leatherback sea turtles.
  • These sea turtles are observed to return to this beach every year around November to April. These turtles return to dig out cavities in the sand. Then they’ll lay their eggs. It’s a wondrous sight to behold for nature lovers.
  1. Riding the waves

  • If you’re making a trip to Costa Rica, you’d certainly want to experience surfing on Tamarindo’s beaches. As stated earlier, this is one of the many daytime activities in the area. Experts and novices alike enjoy riding the waves of the beaches. A little fun fact, Tamarindo is one of the venues for international surfing competitions.
  1. Boat rides!

  • Do you want to change pace from the usual beach life that Tamarindo offers? Well, you can go for a boat ride at Tamarindo’s estuary which is a bit north of the place. Explore and discover this diverse ecosystem while on a kayak. Don’t worry about a thing though, you’ll be accompanied by a professional guide.
  1. Snorkeling spots

  • There are a lot of snorkeling tours offered if you’re going on a trip to Costa Rica, particularly in Tamarindo. It’s offered usually in the morning or at sunset hours. A guide will bring you to one of the best snorkeling spots near Tamarindo. You can dive and look at the beautiful fish and underwater life there. Note that the snorkeling activities are weather-dependent and can vary from time to time.
  1. Sportfishing

  • Another fun activity that you can try out at Tamarindo is sport fishing. Marlins and sailfish are one of the Costa Rica beach highlights. Fishing in this place generally is great all year round. If you’re a fishing enthusiast, making your way to Tamarindo is a recommended visit.
  1. Great food all around

  • Tamarindo has a lot of restaurants that you can try while you stay there. Aside from restaurants, there are bars and excellent hotel restaurants as well. If you’re having trouble picking, you can ask the locals which ones are a must-try.
  • You can also try “sodas”. These are small family-run restaurants that provide local meals if you want to try some Costa Rican delicacies.


Bottom Line

Bottom Line

Tamarindo is a place like no other, awash with its idyllic beaches, vibrant culture and incredible wildlife. Whether you’re in search of waves to surf, delicious food to devour or unique experiences to savor, this laid-back destination has it all! So don’t hesitate; grab your bags and reserve those tickets; it’s time to explore beautiful Tamarindo!



  1. Where can you find Tamarindo?

    • When you’re making a trip to Costa Rica for the first time; Tamarindo is on the west coast side of the country. It’s found in the Guanacaste province. On average, if you’ve dropped off at San Jose airport; it takes up to 4 hours to reach this place.
    • However, it becomes a shorter ride if your plane ends up at Liberia Airport. It takes an average of 1 to 1 ½ hours to reach Tamarindo if that’s the case.
  2. What items should I bring to Tamarindo?

    • Since this place is a coastal area, best bring a swimsuit, comfortable clothes, sunscreen, and bug repellent. The place is quite tropical so lightweight clothes will provide the best comfort. Sunscreen is to minimize sunburns and bug repellent is for warding off flying insects such as mosquitoes.
  3. When is the best time to visit Tamarindo?

    • Visiting Tamarindo depends on what activities you intend to do there. Generally, mid-November up to August is the best part of the year due to ideal weather. Surfers and fishing enthusiasts will prefer the months of June and October. Nature and wildlife lovers are likely to visit Tamarindo between September and March.
    • Please note that Tamarindo is a great destination all year round. Activities reach a peak during the periods of Christmas, New Year, and Easter. If you don’t like too many crowds, you can avoid booking for those times. You can book for a different part of the year instead.
    • An additional note: accommodation in Tamarindo tends to be cheaper when you visit during months that aren’t busy.
  4. What’s the climate like at Tamarindo?

    • At first glance, you’d think Tamarindo has a lush and rainy climate but it’s not the case. Since it’s on the Northwest side of the country facing the Pacific, it has one of the driest climates in Costa Rica. Rainfall varies throughout the year, but the best weather comes around between November and August.
  5. Are there budget options for a vacationer at Tamarindo?

    • Don’t worry, there are budget options for vacationers at Tamarindo. There are some budget hotels that you can stay into. For meals, the aforementioned “sodas” are where you can dine in. You can still enjoy your vacation there even on a budget.
    • You might want to skip the tours if you’re going to have a budget-friendly trip to Tamarindo.
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