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desert safari Dubai

The Desert Safari Dubai features among the top indulgences and experiences in the Gulf region, allowing you to explore unique facets of Emirati culture, hospitality, lifestyle, and cuisine. Welcome to the world of limitless possibilities as you break up from chaotic city life and provide you with the much-needed break in the tranquillity of the grand Arabian desert. 

Key highlights

  • Introduction
  • Indulgences and Experiences in a Desert Safari
  • Types of Desert Safaris
  • Tips for a Desert Safari


The desert safari Dubai is a guided tour set in the heart of the grand Arabian desert. This unique experience gives you a glimpse of the unique Emirati culture and lifestyle, which is quite contrasting to the glitzy and glamorous lifestyle that Dubai is renowned for. Disconnect yourself from the busy city life as you experience the peace and tranquillity of the gorgeous sand dunes blessed with fascinating vistas in a unique off-road adventure. Get ready to participate in a complete package featuring fun, entertainment, adventure, and thrill, leaving an everlasting impression among all tourists and visitors. 

Indulgences and Experiences in a Desert Safari

There are diverse sets of indulgences and experiences that you can opt for in your Desert Safari Dubai package offered by several service providers. Many have complimentary activities, while some may be charged. 

Dune bashing

Maneuver through a pulsating, powerful desert 4×4 terrain vehicle as you embark on an event dune bashing session through the golden dunes. Experience the highs and lows of the fabulous desert terrain as the vehicle leaves a beautiful silken trail in its landscape. This can be the highlight of your Dubai adventure for all adventure enthusiasts. 

Sunrise or Sunset vistas

Witnessing the desert absorb the sun or the sun rising from the desert is a sight to witness. A Desert Safari Dubai special, you cannot resist showcasing your photography skills. The raw beauty of the desert landscape brings in a phenomenal sight that will make you completely forget about the chaotic city lifestyle and bask in the glory of these beautiful vistas. 

Camel rides

Enjoy the changing colors of the desert landscape as you hop on to the camelback and experience a wobbly ride up and down the dunes. Apart from the fun and unique experience, you also get a glimpse of the humble lifestyle of the ancient Emiratis, as camels were the only source of transportation.

Quad biking

This experience is exhilarating as you conquer the dune slopes through a quad bike. There is no expertise or skill required to maneuver through the desert terrain. Listen carefully to the instructions, and you are in for an adventure of a lifetime. 

Wonderful cultural activities at the desert campsite

Many think the Desert Safari Dubai is about adventure, thrill, and excitement. Get a glimpse of the cultural and traditional heritage of the Emirati culture. There are henna tattooed on your hands and legs, shisha smoking, photography in traditional Arabian attire, falconry, and other activities that will add fun and entertainment elements to your package. 

Experience the best of Arabian Emirati hospitality

After a couple of adventure and thrill moments, you will head to a Bedouin-styled desert campsite, where you will spend the final moments of your Desert Safari Dubai package. You are welcomed with a traditional Arabic coffee, fresh dates, and a complete set of adventures you will surely cherish lifelong. 

Cultural and traditional dance shows

Get a wonderful group of belly dancers and dervish Tanura dancers to perform popular Arabic dunes to keep your spirits high. The cool fire shows that are part of the evening and overnight safaris are a unique way to explore the desert landscape under the moonlit and star-studded sky. 

Scrumptious meal spread

Depending on your package, you will get a complimentary meal spread serving the best barbecue and international cuisines. Savoring a delicious meal in the middle of nowhere is among the most unique experiences you can ever encounter. 

Camping in an overnight desert safari

It is one of the unique offerings in an overnight desert safari, making it one of the most memorable safaris. Enjoy the best camp facilities while resting under the moonlit, star-studded sky. Enjoying the night-time glory of the tranquil Arabian desert is a wonderful feeling that cannot be explained in words.

Hot air balloon ride

Enjoy panoramic views of the desert landscape as you get a premium experience to witness the impressive desert landscape and the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. It’s a wonderful feeling to witness being on top of the world and experiencing the tranquillity in the desert below.

Types of Desert Safaris

Morning safari

Get inspired by the fabulous flora and fauna that wake up to the wonderful sunrise amidst the desert terrain, where you are entertained with various adventures such as dune bashing, quad biking, camel rides, sandboarding, and much more.

Sunrise safari

Witness the magical change of the color of the dunes as it welcomes the sun in all its grandeur and splendor. This safari gives you instant access to the sun gradually rising from the dunes and coming to its might in the bright sky. You will find all the inclusions of a morning safari in this package.

Evening safari

Enjoy the enigmatic fun elements and amazing experiences at the desert campsite on an evening safari. There are campsite activities, a tasty barbecue dinner spread, and the regular inclusions of the morning safari.

Overnight safari

Enjoy super relaxed moments as you bask in the glory and grandeur of the desert campsite and the star-studded sky amidst unparalleled dunes. It is amazing to spend the entire night here and wake up to the first ray of sunlight illuminating your camp and the desert landscape. A traditional breakfast is complimentary with the overnight safari.

Tips for a desert safari

  • Check for the inclusions and exclusions in your package
  • Book in advance to avoid last-minute disappointments
  • Opt for a direct desert safari service provider for the best deals and maximum inclusions.
  • Select desert safari packages with roundtrip transfers back to your place of accommodation
  • Wear light clothing, and carry sunscreens, glares, hat, camera, and shoes with a tight grip and without any loose ends.


You may not find another way to experience the desert landscape with diverse activities and unique moments. The Desert Safari Dubai has gained immense popularity in the tourist world with its diverse and unique offerings, giving a wonderful view of the Dubai Emirati culture and lifestyle. Book your Desert Safari Dubai today!

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