9 Tips on Packing Right for your Trip to Dubai

9 Tips on Packing Right for your Trip to Dubai

All About What to Pack for Dubai

Dubai is a progressive city but has its roots in a conservative thought process. There are very specific dress codes that you are supposed to follow when you are in this city. You will definitely have fun exploring this uniquely one-of-a-kind city in the world, but your exploration will become even more fun if you know what is important to stroll easily in this progressive yet conservative city. We have prepared a list of products that you should carry along with you, while you are tripping in Dubai; check out the list for a wonderful journey!

Power Adapter Converter

It is all about micro-managing your trip to Dubai so that it becomes a perfect trip that you remember for a lifetime. It is important to get an adapter that is compatible with the plug type commonly used in Dubai otherwise you cannot charge your gadgets. It might feel burdensome to carry this adapter, but you will realize the importance of it once you see an unfamiliar plug point!

Knee Length Dresses

UAE is quite a strict country when it comes to dress code (though Dubai is comparatively quite a relaxed city) and you need to follow the dress code of this country, especially in some religious places and some government buildings. You will want to pack knee-length dresses because even in public places you are expected to not show off much of your skin (true for male & female). It is always a good idea to pack loose pants and jeans for your trip to Dubai.

Scarves, Shawls & Head Covers

There are many religious buildings where you will be expected to cover your head as well. If you enter the premise without properly covering yourself, the security will pull you away from the line and you might be permitted to enter the religious space. Moreover, if you are carrying a chic lightweight shawl, you can pair it stylishly with your ensemble and enhance your overall look! You can get some beautiful and appropriate scarves at online stores working in UAE space, very easily. In Addition, you use coupons to enjoy fantastic discounts at the time of purchase and save money on your online shopping expenses.


9 Tips on Packing Right for your Trip to Dubai

Dubai is a desert area and you will definitely want to carry a good SPF sunscreen with you (especially if you are not visiting the place in winter!). You should get an overall sunscreen that gives you protection from the sun and is water-resistant and sand-resistant. You can also go for a sunscreen that comes in spray form and gets easily absorbed into the skin. A pro tip: if you have acne-prone skin type, then go for a sunscreen with an oil control formula that comes in gel form.

Walking Shoes

9 Tips on Packing Right for your Trip to Dubai

Dubai is a big city and you will have to walk a lot to explore the whole of Dubai. Aesthetics are important, but so is comfort, which is why you will need to carry comfortable walking shoes (or if you prefer sandals then pack sandals). Even if you take the metro and taxi between various attractions, still you will need to walk a lot because the attractions are quite large and expensive.


9 Tips on Packing Right for your Trip to Dubai

I know you can walk into any store and buy electrolytes in Dubai, but then you should have some backup with you while traveling (you will not want to rush to buy electrolytes, the first thing you land in Dubai!). Dubai is a desert area and you can easily dehydrate in a desert area; you do not know how your body will react to the desert, which is why you should have electrolytes packet in your traveling bag.

Swimsuit Cover-Up

9 Tips on Packing Right for your Trip to Dubai

If you are going to the beach area or a water-part in Dubai, then you can definitely don your chic swimwear, but then you already know that UAE is a bit conservative place which is why when you enter a beach bar you will need to cover yourself with a cover-up. You can get a cover-up that looks cute and easy to wear over a wet swimsuit.

Built-in Filter Water Bottle

9 Tips on Packing Right for your Trip to Dubai

Dubai’s tap water is quite decent and you can drink this water without worrying about your health. However, you can still carry a water bottle with an in-built filter; you can fill in tap water in this bottle and carry it along with you. It will also add an extra layer of protection, plus you will remain hydrated throughout your journey in Dubai. This will also mean that you are avoiding single-use plastic water bottles and doing your bit in keeping nature safe!

Deodorant Wipes

9 Tips on Packing Right for your Trip to Dubai

We have already talked about the fact that the weather in Dubai will be hot and humid (even when you are in Dubai in peak winter!), especially in the daytime. This is because Dubai is constructed in the desert and you should not underestimate the Arabian Desert’s effect on Dubai! To keep your skin fresh and hydrated, it is important to keep a pack of deodorant wipes in your bag, while your trip to Dubai. These wipes come in handy when you want to feel fresh after a day-long exploration of the city. The best part is that these are super handy to carry and can be easily tossed inside your purse!

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