The Best Parks & Natural Attractions in Dubai

best parks in dubai

Best Parks in Dubai is the citation of consensus and peace to heed and soul. Dubai is prominent for its wonderful, artistic, historical, and contemporary hierarchies and refuges. Dubai is a dividend and spot to visit, everyone has a desire to go there.

When we listen to the name of Dubai, the first spectacle that comes to our mind is the luxurious lifestyle, tall edifices, contemporary climate but we don’t know God has gifted Dubai with great natural temptations which are very heart-warming. There Are Many Beautiful parks in Dubai

If you are the type of traveller who is interested in natural attractions then never underestimate Dubai because it has not the least of natural elegance. The deserts, shores, greenery, and wilderness create an image of excitement and glory.

If you are a nature lover and want to visit the natural spots we are here to give you exact recommendations about the temptations where you can go and relish the best moments of life.

Here are the best 10 natural attractions that are mentioned below;

  • Al Qudra Lakes, Dubai 

 best parks in dubai

This is an amazing man-made desert oasis, just 30 minutes away from Dubai. The most interesting fact about Love lake Dubai is, there are more than 200 species of birds here. There you can see many birds such as;  ducks, swans, flamingos, parrots and many more.

 Endangered species can also be seen such as the steppe eagle and Asian Houbara. Hit the place and explore more amazing things of your interest. Camping is such an exciting thing and this can be the best spot for camping and bonfire.

There is a special spot for barbeque and you can make it more adventurous according to your taste and need.

  • Wadi Ghalilah

parks in dubai

Do you ever think that you are climbing the stairway towards heaven? Yes! After visiting there you can say it a most beautiful Dubai Nature

After visiting there you can say it. It is located at Ras Al Khaimah and you can go there easily by car.

This is called a stairway to heaven due to the link of Al Khaimah with the village of Oman with the trail of mountains. Strange but true that this is not a hiking place for everyone because of its height which is about 1500 meters and also the difficult and narrow pathways.

But if you have knowledge of hiking and ensure that you can save yourself and have the stamina to stay there then it will be a great moment of joy.

  • Miracle garden best parks in dubai

Flowers are the favourite of everyone because they not only add beauty to the world but also beautify our soul and mind. Miracle Garden Dubai is the largest garden of natural flowers. It is very heart-warming. There will be a great source of enjoyment to visit there.

  • Butterflies garden

parks near me

Miracle garden Dubai has opened the butterfly garden for the 1st time in Dubai. There are 15000 plus butterflies from 26 different species. We can say the best place to visit, where you can see the colours of nature and how it purifies our soul of ours.

  • Hatta

dubai parks and gardens

Hatta is one of the most adorable and exciting natural attractions in Dubai. The blue sparkling lake is surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges. You can do many adventurous actions there to make your trip more memorable. Hatta has one of the Best Parks in Dubai As Well.

You can also visit Hatta fort and can enjoy mountain biking but the choice is yours because there are options that make you feel awesome.

  • Fossil rocks

hatta road

Fossil rocks are located at Hatta road, you can go and explore many interesting facts. These types of places always become the source of adventure and information at the same time.

The interesting fact is that the fossils that are present there are approximately 800 million years back. The fossil rocks consist of sandy deserts, rocky hills, and many more interesting things. 

You can shoot there for your channels and your purpose.

  • Mangrove national park

parks near me

Mangrove national park It is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Dubai. There are a lot of things there for nature lovers such as there are hundreds of species of birds, a large variety of fishes,  crabs, marine mammals, and many more.

Animals are also spotted there that is why we can say this is a complete package of enjoyment at a natural attraction.

  • Dubai deserts

dubai nature

God has gifted many things to their people so they can benefit from them. The deserts of Dubai have their beauty and charm. Belly dancing there is very exciting and enjoyable.

There are a lot of events occurring there and there are many sports and games by which you can admire yourself and make your vacation memorable.

  • Beaches, Dubai 

beaches in dubai

Beaches In Dubai are very beautiful gifts from God. You can go there and enjoy the natural beauty of the beaches. You can walk there on wet sand, it will be a great source of peace to mind and soul.

Moreover, they ensure that they are dangerous and you can swim and relish there freely without any fear and make endless memories.

  • Dubai red dune desert safari 

desert safari dubai

Exploring the desert safari Dubai with the 4WD vehicle is not less than any adventure. You can experience many more exciting and courageous things such as; camel riding, sandboarding, and dune bashing.

You are welcome there with great protocols and importance to the guests with belly dance, henna, and many other things to admire.


Dubai is famous for its luxurious lifestyle and modern culture but at the same time, Dubai is full of natural attractions that catch the hearts and eyes. Parks near me, no doubt a great source of peacefulness and aesthetic vibes.

Above we mention the 10 best parks and natural attractions of Dubai where you can go and admire your time and make enormous memories. Without any holdup make a strategy and hit your favourite places and appreciate yourself.

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