Dubai’s Al Mamzar Beach Park Goes Smart

mamzar beach

Dubai’s Al Mamzar beach park

Dubai doesn’t require oaths to illuminate its excellence, Dubai itself is an archetype of elegance and allurement. There are many places to visit. No doubt which all are heart trapping, and Al Mamzar Beach Park is one of them. We can say an exceptional form of enterprise and delight.

People get mesmerized by the attraction of Mamzar Beach, white sand, crystal blue water, scintillating sun, and being surrounded by lush green vegetation. 

We always counsel you on the Place to visit in Dubai and this beach park will never disappoint you. We are here to ordain all erudition about the park. All you need is just a foolproof plan to hit the place and make your time extraordinary.

Dubai’s Al Mamzar beach park goes smart 

Girls Are Enjoying Best Time At mamzar beach park

Approximately all of us visited the Beaches in Dubai and had a beautiful time. Yes! We can say this is a digital beach park, which makes smart interventions to turn your time into more adventurous and amazingly joyful.

This was the first smart Parks in Dubai and they make sure that everyone is safe and sound and can stay coherent to their loved ones while enjoying your golden period of life. They maintained it in a very smart way to make their visitors facilitated and comfortable. 

Here we mention some smart invasions, which makes them unique and amazing;

  • We can start from the entrance. They arranged smart gates in a very well manner, and you have access to an entry by using your RTA nol cards.
  • It would be more amazing if you can track your children and loved ones. By waterproof smartwatches, which are connected to your mobiles, you can track your live ones with GPS smartwatches and can make sure they are inside the park.
  • Smart containers are moving for clearing litters
  • Drowns take a look at plants growing well
  • Smart paint is used which has the benefit to absorb carbon dioxide and make the atmosphere pollution-free.

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mamzar beach park

There are always some rules and protocols of all places that you should follow to make your experience well. There are also some rules and regulations of the Mamzar beach park, you must have to follow them. Some of them are as follows;

  • Pets are not allowed in the park 
  • You can’t smoke there
  • Alcohol is strictly ban
  • It must be sure that beach water remains within the beach

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al mamzar park

Some of us want to spend our vacations full-time at Al Mamzar beach park chalets. If anyone wants to stay there for the sake of full enjoyment. This is not a big deal; you can book a chalet there with complete facilities and comfort.


mamzar beach park

Monday and Wednesday are special for ladies and children. The opening schedule is as follows;

  • Monday and Wednesday; 8 am to 10 pm
  • Thursday, Friday, and Saturday; 8 am to 11 pm

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Al Mamzar Beach Park Ticket Price

mamzar beach park

  • Entrance fee for under 2 years children’s is free
  • The fee per head is 5 AED
  • Al Mamzar Beach Park Ticket Price is 30 AED with that you can park your car within the area

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Other things to enjoy

  • Swimming pool
  • Train ride 
  • Jetski

Other facilities 

  • Clean toilets
  • Prayer room
  • Changing rooms
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Phone charging station 


No doubt, Dubai is a glamorous, artistic, antiquated, refined, and renovated place. There are many places to visit that are full of charms. Al Mamzar Beach Park is an extraordinary and smart place to visit. We can say a bizarre place full of adventurous and unique facilities.

We above mention almost all of the best tones and useful erudition about the park. Now you have to decide how it could be the bolder trip for you. Without loitering time, make a plan and hit the Spot.

Make inestimable reminiscences with your family and loved ones. Tarry innocuous and stay wholesome.

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