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kite beach Dubai

Kite Beach – A Brief Introduction

Kite Beach is one of the most renowned and best free seashores in Dubai. Where you can unwind. Eat delectable dishes, play water sports, and lease top-notch hardware along the ocean side. Kite Beach track stretches out over a distance of 14 km. And permits you to partake in the most tremendous perspectives. On the Burj Al Arab in Jumeirah. This extended length of white sand has been acquired. It stands since it gives an incredible environment to windsurfing and windsurfing. Notwithstanding different games. For example, kayaking, and wellness lovers rush to the ocean side of the kite. Since it gives extraordinary offices to different games. With regions devoted to kids. Oceanside tennis, volleyball, and water sports. There is cleanser football overtime. There is a little area of ​​cafes and food trucks.

13 Things To Do At kite Beach Dubai

1. kitesurfing Dubai

kite beach dubai

One of the principal things worth participating in at Kite Beach is. Kite Surfing. This spot is an ideal spot for cutting-edge kite surfers. This is principal because of profound waters and winds. You should accept all the important well-being measures. Take kite riding meetings at this school. Throughout the late spring, this school opens at 6 am. Along these lines, take kite riding examples. However, do not miss the dawn. The Kite School Dubai is the most ideal spot for you.

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2. Food Trucks

uae food

If you are a food sweetheart. You ought to stop at the numerous Food Trucks that line up. Right from delicious burgers to tasty sushi. You can have everything at these food trucks. The tremendous assortment of cooking styles served. These food trucks make certain to leave you hypnotized. What is shockingly better is the way. That you can partake in a delectable supper. While absorbing the sun and watching the lovely blue sea.

3. Salt Kite Beach


Salt is the most ideal spot for you. The thought behind setting up this food truck was to join individuals over incredible suppers. This spot is home to some straightforward yet relaxed style. Popular music that plays on this truck draws in a decent arrangement of guests.

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4. XDubai SkatePark

One fascination around it is that it draws in heaps of guests all day. Every day is XDubai Skate Park. This spot is a heaven for all admirers of skating and rollerblading. Spread across 3,100 square meters. This park includes a wide scope of novel snags. The two novices too as aces can live it up skating at this park. You can either convey your board or lease one on the spot.

This skate park is available to youngsters matured over 4 years. Youngsters who matured as long as 9 years should be joined by a grown-up. This is similarly amicable towards inline skating, BMX, and the utilization of bikes. The most amazing aspect of XDubai SkatePark is that this is the main office. All of that is committed to satisfying the skating local area.

5. The Running Track

The vast majority of us had transformed into wellness monstrosities. It is essential to losing those informal breakfast calories as well. And obviously, an amazing chance to participate in some investigation. Simply ensure it’s done promptly in the first part of the day. Or after nightfall to stay away from the heat. This 14-kilometre long track greets the two sprinters and cyclists wholeheartedly. Your outside exercise will be much more exciting. All gratitude to his astonishing running track.

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6. Take part in a round of Volleyball

volleyball balls

If you are a person who has a profound preference for sports and actual commitment. Then, Kite Beach is without a doubt going to interest you. Particularly for Volleyball sweethearts. A stroll around Kite’s ocean side and you are sure to catch a variety of volleyball courts. You can design a day out with companions and participate in a captivating round of volleyball. Moreover, assuming you would be intrigued to observe. Or take an interest in an organized round of volleyball. Then, join with the many associations that have volleyball match-ups.

7. Paddle Boarding

paddle boarding dubai

On the off chance that your adoration for water sports has got you. The notoriety of oar boarding at this Oceanside is such. Various organizations have begun offering rentals and examples around here. A great many people plan. Like figuring out how to stand and continue on the board. Thus, it is extremely easy to get this game. Your family all in all can pursue paddle boarding meetings. As they have probably awesome, qualified, and patient teachers installed.

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8. Wire World

wire world adventure parks

This space requests the two kids and grown-ups the same. This is a 40-meter zip line that requires an adrenaline rush. One more rush movement here is the bungee discharge. On the off chance that you love tumbling. You can attempt a few somersaults, reverse flips, or essentially partake in a free fall. Youngsters can live it up at this experience park also. Well-being boundaries are seen at kite beach umm al Quwain.

9. Oceanside Library

Have you at any point viewed as absorbing the sun. Just before an exquisite ocean side with a decent perusal to go with you? If not, then, carry on with the existence of your fantasies. Just at the Beach Library situated at Kite Beach. This library houses books for kids as well as grown-ups. Books in Arabic as likewise, the English language are accessible at this Oceanside library. This climate cordial oceanside library utilizes sun-based energy. And a self-lighting framework to keep away from wastage of energy.

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10. Sprinkle N Party

water parks in dubai

Water parks are without a doubt loads of jokes. You can live it up with your loved ones. Sprinkling water on each other at these parks. You ought to positively consider going to the Splash N Party waterpark. This spot is an ideal center for kids. The many water slides and sprinkle cushions make certain to leave your children spoilt for decision.

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11. Jet Ski Dubai

jet ski dubai

When you set out fly skiing on the deafening waves. You are probably going to suffocate further into the entrancing scene of Dubai. My Jet Ski makes your fly skiing experience considerably more pleasant. Toward the beginning of your ride. End at spots of interest, and back you through the whole experience.

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12. Sole Mio

One of the many explanations for us deciding to visit is to just unwind and restore our bodies and brains. As you lay in one of these lounges. You are probably going to lose yourself to the entrancing perspective on Burj Al Arab. With ocean-side food conveyance remembered for the bundle.

13. Magnum Fitness Beach

Kite Beach

If you have plans to visit Kite Beach. You ought to unquestionably participate in an exercise at Magnum Fitness Beach. This exercise region incorporates all conditions of workmanship hardware. Muay Thai has additional meetings in the water rec center that you can take. Because surely you save a few calories to consume at this open rec centre. As you are sure to burn some serious calories outside of the UAE.

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kite Beach Restaurant

kite beach dubai

Here are the 18 Best Restaurants in Kite Beach

  1. Clinton Street Baking Company
  2. LaOla
  3. Blue Beach Cafe
  4. HumYum
  5. SALT
  6. Bageterie Boulevard
  7. Doner & Gyros
  8. Cafe2go
  9. Chez Sushi
  10. Dessert Island
  11. Kaakunada
  12. Park House
  13. Smart Brat
  14. The Surf Shack
  15. BRGR
  16. Dutchies Sweets And Treats
  17. Bob’s Fish & Chips
  18. Holland House

kite beach location

Kite Beach is situated in Umm Suqeim, not excessively far away from Jumeirah Open Beach.

Area Distance to Kite Beach Duration to Kite Beach (Car)
JBR 19km 20min
Palm Jumeirah 15km 15min
Madinat Jumeirah 7km 13min
Downtown Dubai 12km 17min
Deira 22km 21min


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you reach Kite Beach Dubai?

On the metro, line 88 bus- Take it to terminal 3 of the airport. From there, you can take the Red Line to Al Jafiliya. Then, take the Line 88 bus from the Al Jafiliya Seaside Metro Station and take it to Majlis Al Ghoreifa. You can walk to Kite Beach from the Majlis Al Ghoreifa.

Do you need to pay an Entrance Fee?

There’s no cost to enter for visitors to Kite Beach. But, you’ll need to pay for each attraction separately.

Can you carry your own alcohol?

Yes, you can. There aren’t any restrictions.

Is grilling allowed on the beach?

No. grilling out on the beaches is not permitted.

Is swimming early in the morning allowed?

No, there aren’t limitations.

Is camping on the beach all night allowed?

No, camping overnight in the vicinity of Kite Beach isn’t allowed.

What’s the best time to visit for someone looking to fly kites?

Although it’s not the most turbulent city, however, it’s best to go in the winter and spring months when there is a bit of breeze at times in afternoons.

Are there enough seating arrangements?

Yes, there are plenty of places to sit at eateries and cafes. But, take your deck chairs if seeking to relax at the beach.

Last thoughts

This while, assuming that you had been pondering regarding. How you can design your day around Kite Beach Dubai. Presently your know-how. Truth be told, you won’t make any extraordinary arrangements whatsoever. Head to the ocean side and connect with yourself in the above exercises. Sprinkle N Party is a finished amusement bundle for the whole family. Substantially more than just independent water exercises.

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