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All about the Umm Suqeim Beach

Going through a day at the ocean side is the most ideal way to unwind and loosen up. Nightfall Beach, otherwise called Umm Suqeim Beach. It is a renowned family spot in the city. Where you can absorb the sun. Get something to eat and enjoy drawing on days with loved ones. The area is additionally very familiar with sightseers. Since you can take wonderful ocean side photographs. With Burj Al Arab in the setting. Individuals likewise prefer to appreciate different water exercises. Like surfing and fishing at Sunset Beach in Dubai.

The Umm Suqeim Beach, otherwise called Sunset Beach. It is effectively available from the recreation area. The recreation area is allowed to visit over time. Offices at Umm Suqeim Beach incorporate evolving work areas, showers, a café, and an ocean-side library. The ocean side likewise has a long-running track on the off chance. That you need to proceed with your run.


7 Best Things that you can enjoy at umm suqeim

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sunset beach

Umm Suqeim Beach is popular for residents and tourists due to the opportunities for surfing it provides. The tranquil, calm water and the high winds allow surf on Sunset Beach perfect for first-time surfers and experienced pros.

You can also learn to surf since there are many businesses that provide surfing equipment and instruction on the beach. Surf House Dubai and Surf Dubai are two of the top firms in the region that offer surfing lessons equipment, accessories, surfboards, as well as kitesurfing equipment.

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2. Enjoy kite surfing

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Are you looking for ways to keep healthy? Sunset Beach Dubai has a well-paved running track. Many people visit this area in order to exercise along the shoreline while taking in the beautiful perspectives from Burj Al Arab.

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Making sure you have your favourite snacks packed and having an all-family picnic on weekends is one of the most memorable things you can do at Sunset Beach. Children can play for hours in the sand, making stunning sand sculptures and Sandcastles. It is also possible to play boards games and beach ball, and other exciting activities on the beach.

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Enjoy the cool summer by taking an underwater swim on Sunset Beach Dubai. The water is the ideal temperature in summer, so many people visit this beach to cool off in the water.

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One method to relax and enjoy some “me” time is to take a stroll along the beach. The ideal time to go to the beach for a stroll is before sunset. If the beach isn’t too crowded, taking in the gorgeous colours of the sun is one of the most enjoyable experiences.

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6. Experience night-time swimming

umm suqeim beach

The swimming pool in Dubai is not permitted after sunset however Sunset (or Umm Suqeim Beach is an exception. The beach permits swimming at night in the evenings following the installation of Smart Power light posts. These Smart Power Lights were installed in the year 2017 as part of the Night Swimming Dubai project. Since the launch of the project locals has frequented the beach to enjoy the nighttime swimming.

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Umm Suqeim Park or Umm Suqaim Park is among the top public parks in the Emirate. This tiny green park is the ideal location for both tourists and residents to unwind and take in stunning views of the famous Burj Al Arab. It is a great place to visit with your family or friends to take some time away from the bustle that is the urban. Let’s examine the things Umm Suqeim Park has to provide.

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How to go to umm Suqeim beach

The ocean side is situated in the Umm Suqeim locale. Right close to the striking Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Which is close to the Wild Wadi Waterpark and the Burj al-Arab. The ocean side is consequently simple to find. You need to follow the signs to Burj al Arab. And afterwards, drive past the Jumeirah Beach lodging. The ocean side has a set number of parking spots for which you need to pay. It is in this manner best not to come to the ocean side via vehicle. But rather to select a taxi or public vehicle.

The Big Bus jumps on visit likewise comes the ocean side. So assuming that you have a ticket you can likewise go to this oceanside with the Big Bus. On the off chance that you need to go to the ocean side by metro. You can get off at the tram stop at First Gulf Bank on the red line. From the metro station, it is important to accept a taxi. As the separation from the metro station is multiple kilometres.

umm suqeim beach timings And Location Information

Timings: 24 hours

Passage expense: No section charges

Area: Jumeirah Beach Road, behind Umm Suqeim Park.

Offices at Sunset Beach: Showers, latrines, smaller than expected shops, late evening swimming.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Searching for the closest stop or station to Umm Suqeim Open Beach?

Nearest to your detached: Umm Suqeim; Wild Wadi – 02; Tv Relay Station – 01; First Gulf Bank Metro Station. You can get there by Bus or Metro. These are the lines and courses that have stops close by -Transport: 8, 81, and 88.

Dubai to Umm Suqeim Public Beach by transport and walk

The excursion time between Dubai and Beach is around 1h 19m. And covers a distance of around 31 km. This incorporates a normal delay season of around 17 min. Worked by Dubai RTA Bus, the Dubai to Beach administration leaves from Global Village 1 and shows up. Normally 70 administrations run week after week. Even though the end of the week and occasion timetables can fluctuate so check ahead of time.

What are the nearest stations?

Umm Suqeim 01; is 401 meters away, 6 min walk.

Wild Wadi 02; is 10 min walk, 750 meters away.

Television Relay Station 01; is 1468 meters away, 19 min walk.

First Gulf Bank Metro Station is 3512 meters away, 45 min walk.

Which Bus lines stop close?

These Bus lines stop close to Umm Suqeim Open Beach: 8, 81, and 88.

Which Metro lines stop close?

These Metro lines stop close to Umm Suqeim Open Beach: M1.

How far is the bus station from Beach in the UAE?

The closest bus station is a 6 min leave.

Last lines on Umm Suqeim

That is in support of our manual for Umm Suqeim or Sunset Beach. One of the most famous seashores. The ocean side is the ideal spot for making entrancing efforts of the Burj Al Arab. Or swimming in the cool blue waters. Near Sunset Beach, the Jumeirah Public Beach is likewise a famous home base for families. The oceanic side offers a lot of fun exercises for everybody. For other alluring waterfront spots. Investigate the best open seashores. Among the seashores in different emirates. Dibba Beach Resort in Fujairah is a famous spot.

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