Love Lake Dubai Location And Directions

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Love Lake Dubai Location

Lake of love as names demonstrates that something will be heeding lust, fantasy, abundance, happiness, enthusiasm, and chilling out. After listening to the name these sentiments come to our mind and the promising thing is this will never disappoint you.

We know our families are looking for the chance and place when and where they can sit together and spend their time with great joy and pleasure. In this regard, this place must need a clap that this lake is the nicest picnic place where you can go and make it audacious.

Good memories are like friends which stay with us all the time either in favourable or bad times. In hard times when we are in grief and worry, these are the good recollections that help us to grow and fight against the bad times.

Without any delay make a plan with your family and loved ones and make golden memories as the saving of the future. We are here to give all information about the lake which you should know before going to the place either regarding love lake Dubai location or rules and legislation.

Love lake location And Directions 

love lake in dubai location

Before making a plan to hit any place the first step is to know about the love lake Dubai location, whether you can approach it easily or not. The way to love lake Dubai is simple and easy. This is located along with D63, Love Lake Al Qudra road.

Here you can love lake Dubai directions It is about only 45 minutes away from Dubai. Through E66, Dubai Al-Ain Road, Al Qudra road can easily be accessed. It can also be easily accessible through Emirates road, E611. The route depends on where you are coming from.  

Things to do

love lake dubai location map

Enjoyment depends on how we turn our normal time to be more exciting, enjoyable, energetic, and prosperous. Here you can do a lot of activities which will add glam to your vacation. Some of these areas are given below;

  • At night, looking at the vast clear sky full of twinkling stars will produce a wave of happiness in our hearts because God has gifted us with nature and its attractions.
  • Camping is the most adventurous and exciting idea to double the enjoyment of any vacation. Living in small camps and spending time at an open place is a separate source of excitement.
  • There are no shops and any carts of food there, this is not an inconvenience because, in reality, it is a chance to do some inspiringly adventurous thing such as you can go barbeque there and you can cook your food and make your vacations spicier
  • During camping, singing, dancing, parody, and acting are funniest and full of life actions that will make you feel awesome.
  • Any camping, picnic and trip is incomplete without a bonfire, all of us found this adventurous and exciting
  • Kids can ride their bikes and play more games like football, cricket, or anyone else according to the taste and mood
  • Enjoying the scene of sunset is so romantic and heartwarming.  Without any doubt, we can say the sunset scene is always heart-catching for all of us

Important things to know 

love lake dubai

All places have some rules and regulations, some ins and outs which we should know before visiting to avoid any confusion and problems in the future. Some of these are mentioned below to help you;

  • Feeding the wildlife, fishes, and birds are strictly prohibited
  • Washrooms are very limited 
  • There is only one parking area
  • Must take a trash box or dustbin with you beaches cleaning the parks and our land is our duty
  • Must take your food and other necessities with you because there are no shops and general stores
  • If you guys are interested in taking selfies or recording videos and reels then it must be preferable that you take drones with you to enjoy the whole scene perfectly.

Entrance fee and timings 

love lake dubai location

A place with an enormous source of happiness and joy must have high costs for the entrance but as they want to give happiness to their visitors they give them surprise and it is a piece of good news that there is no love lake Dubai entry fee.

Visit the lake is fully free, you can enjoy and make countless memories without spending a single Durham. And now coming towards the timing this is also dual exciting news that it remains open 24/7 hours.

You can go any day, any time there and make mark-able memories.


Dubai has not least gorgeous, stunning, and desirable places and Love lake Dubai is one of them.
Approximately all information is mentioned above regarding the love lake location and the to-do list suggestions. Which we think may help you a lot. Go chase the chance and enjoy the loveliest time by thinking that this is a gift from God.

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